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day 3505: hanging out with the cosmos organicos garden collective contemplating probabilities.

exactly one year after the fire at the organic valley headquarters, we re-opened the rebuilt section of the building. hurray! and a few days after that cosmos organicos garden collective was in the garden preparing beds and planting. it’s great to get out and get your hands dirty and even more so when you’re doing […]

grill baby, grill!

after the salmon opener to the grilling season i thought it was prudent to turn to meat! scrounging from the fridge i topped the 100% grassfed organic burger with carmelized onions, garlic, a titch of jalapeno and topped it with organic valley feta and eventually doused it with worcestershire sauce. the flavors mixed perfectly!

Everything is Awesome!

i very much enjoyed a 100% organic lunch delivered from organic valley HQ thanks to a new delivery service. i haven’t had a lunch like this since being relocated after the fire ( there’s no on-site kitchen at our new digs ). tater tot casserole, mind bending chocolate pudding goodness and a chocolate chip cookie […]

my first attempt at creating a refreshing chocolate soda actually creates an exploding chocolate volcano.

as usual, after a 10 mile run of course i have some organic valley chocolate milk on hand for my refueling needs. only this time, i think, hey, how about making a nice, refreshing chocolate soda with my sodastream. the folks at sodastream even have a recipe, but that recipe involves mixing carbonated water with […]

day 3432: odin scores his first field notes notebook!

i ordered some fresh field notes. it’s been awhile since we’ve had any in the house. too long. one of my renewed commitments is to make sure i’m supporting people and brands that i really want to support ( see also supporting thinkup ) and life’s too short to be taking notes in crappy little […]

finding a new home for the old me.

for over a year this photo of me has been hanging in the organic valley headquarters near the coffee station where i used to get coffee every day before the fire. the photo was taken right before i started running again, before i ran clear across the country and before i lost 110 pounds. so, […]

frida surveys the splendor of the cosmos organicos garden plot.

we’re still harvesting the bounty from the labors of the cosmos organicos garden collective so frida had her first chance to survey the splendor! you can see ongoing work after the fire on the organic valley headquarters in the background. hopefully when we plant next year all the work will be done! you see this […]

the bounty from the labors of the cosmos organicos garden collective.

we’ve had an employee garden at organic valley for years and have mostly small mountains of garlic for the past few years. this year we joined forces with other gardeners and dubbed ourselves the cosmos organicos garden collective and have about 12 active beds that contain all manner of Good Things – garlic, tomatoes, potatoes, […]

an excellent evening with cultivate, cloud cult and fire performing at the kickpapoo country fair!

for the past 10 years, organic valley has held the kickapoo country fair at our headquarters in la farge wisconsin. this year was extra special because it’s our 25th anniversary and we had the fire at hq which are as good a reasons as any to come together with the surrounding community and folks who […]

on getting sent back to first grade.

after the fire at organic valley headquarters, we’re still figuring out where the displaced folks are going to end up for an extended period of time. for a short period of time some of us ended up in odin’s waldorf school, which also used to be a the public school so it has the “feel” […]

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