recipe: bacon-wrapped jalapeno-stuffed hotdogs.

recipe: bacon-wrapped jalapeno-stuffed hotdogs. I.

bacon and jalapenos make for a simple and tasty way to spruce up a hotdog ( we love organic prairie’s 100% grass-fed organic hotdogs ).

simply cut a line down the length of the hotdog deep enough to fit several slices of jalapeno. precook some bacon so it’s tender enough to wrap around the hotdog. then secure the bacon with some toothpicks. cook on medium heat on a grill until the hotdog is hot and the bacon is crisp.

recipe: bacon-wrapped jalapeno-stuffed hotdogs. II.

top with sweet pickle relish and mustard.

served with homemade fries spritzed with apple cider vinegar for a Delicious Flavor Bonanza ®

day 3711: shooting selfies with the DSLR, thinking about photography.

day 3711: shooting selfies with the DSLR, thinking about photography.

we’re out and about chasing the wind with the kite aerial photography rig and odin grabs the dslr and follows me around shooting away. it didn’t take long before he starts shooting selfies.

“poppi, i never told anyone but i’d really like a camera like this. i think i’d like to take more pictures.”

he takes a ton of photos with his ipod but he thinks the pictures on the DSLR look much better and likes how he can have more control. i think our future will be filled with photowalking adventures!

and in case you’re wondering day 253 was the first time he took a picture with the DSLR and day 1000 he shot his first selfie ( before they were called selfies ).

the view from a gorgeous driftless lunchtime run.

the view from a gorgeous, driftless lunchtime run.

it’s impossible to convey the beauty of the view from the top of the ridge just a mile from my desk at organic valley. maybe a picture is worth a thousand words.

the view of the classic driftless region geography makes for quite an energizing “out and back” lunch run even on a dull day, all the more so when it’s sunny, green and lush.

do yourself a favor and view large on a big screen.

15 miles. alone, on country roads. personal best 3:40 marathon pace. could have done 20. why?

15 miles. alone, on country roads. personal best 3:40 marathon pace. could have done 20. why? I.

my motivation isn’t synthetic. and now, neither is my recovery shake :-)

26 grams of protein never tasted so good. also, lactose free.

yes i’m an organic valley brand manager so i’m a bit of a partisan, but i really do love this stuff and so does odin – so much so that we have a bit of trouble keeping it stocked in the house!

if you’ve ever made a product then you know how hard it is to go from the idea to an actual thing without making compromises along the way. if it were easy to make a great tasting, organic, high protein recovery shake with a short ingredient list and no words you can’t pronounce, then somebody would have done it already. i couldn’t be prouder of the super team who made this A Real Thing.

15 miles. alone, on country roads. personal best 3:40 marathon pace. could have done 20. why? II.

we’re still getting it stores, so if you’re interested tell your local, favorite store you’d love to have it on the shelf. if you have a whole foods or ncga coop nearby there’s a good chance you’ll find it there. also available via amazon fresh and fresh direct. of course, you can always check our product locator for more locations.

if you try it, i’d love to hear what you think.

help me build the treehouse spiral staircase!

help me build the treehouse spiral staircase!

update: putting more thought into it and i think going with something closer to this design might be the way to go.


now that the more supportive supports are in place, the next project is to make safe staircase. a ladder is just asking for trouble, especially when you ascending and descending at night in the dark while watching movies.

i think a spiral staircase would look great and not take up as much space a regular stairscase. i’m going to try and follow a modified version of this plan build mostly from wood and not metal (except for a few important parts ).

and you can help me build it! i need a metal plate that fits curve of 4″ pole with 1″ hole in center and 5/8″ ( maybe 3/8″ ) holes at corners. i could custom fab them but that would get spendy with number of them that i need.

surely such a thing must be available at specialty plumbing/electrical shops?

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