fixing a weird product design decision with a little hockey tape.

fixing a weird product design decision with a little hockey tape.

i’ve been borrowing odin’s yi action camera to capture 2K video behind the net using a suction cup mount on the glass. works great ( someday i might get around to posting some of the video )!

except someone on the yi product team must not play hockey because there’s an light on power button on the front of the camera that blinks when it’s recording which reflects off the glass and is super annoying in the recorded video.

it’s a curious product design decision since there’s light on the back of camera also blinks when it’s recording. why do you even need a blinking light on the front of the camera? in addition to being annoying, it seems like an unnecessary drain on the battery.

hi. ho. nothing a little hockey tape can’t fix.

i see a centriphone rig in my future.

so this guy rigged up a way to swing a iPhone around his head that takes some pretty interesting shots. matt haughey has been playing around with a simple rig and his go pro to get a similar effect and i think odin and i are going to have to give it a go with his yi action camera.

target market.

target market. I.

seen while watching odin’s hockey team play a game in la crosse, wisconsin. i’m sure the la crosse parents were wondering why i was taking a picture of the organic fuel marketing on the glass. most of the viroqua parents know i’m a brand manager at organic valley SO I CAN’T HELP MYSELF!

it’s a little less subtle in “real life” but not obnoxiously so :-)

target market. II.

odin is a voracious fuel drinker and i swear i don’t force him to drink it. he doesn’t know anything about refueling after a game, he just loves the taste.

would it be too much if i brought samples to hand out to the la crosse parents at our next game? just kidding. sort of.

rational irrationality.

rational irrationality.

attempting to get in miles while fighting my schedule and an impending snow storm means i had to run 10 miles today split between 3 separate runs.

3 miles in the morning followed by a 2 mile lunch run and 5 more while odin was at hockey practice in the evening.

felt great ( could have done 20 if only more time ), but i can’t figure out if this is 10 miles the easy way or the hard way :-)

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