peak dad.

peak dad.

applying bengay to my neck and shoulders before going to see “central intelligence” with odin.

not sure what I did, but whatever it was my neck didn’t like it! amused to fill the theater with the wonderful smell of bengal 😃

the movie was funny though there were some parts that were probably not 100% appropriate for a not quite 12 year old. on balance we’re happy to have seen it.

a father’s day power tool gift from odin!

a father's day power tool gift from odin!

odin gave me a mini circular saw because he saw an ad where it was featured making short work of stair treads. i can’t imagine what he has in mind!

( i need to make a circular staircase for the treehouse deck because we’ve learned over the years that many children and adults discover they have a latent fear of heights when climbing the 15 foot ladder to get to the treehouse deck. )

oh nothing, just jacking up a 2,000 pound treehouse deck, as one does.

oh nothing, just jacking up a 2,000 pound treehouse deck, as one does.

some might recall two years ago when i wrote a PSA on how to avoid needing to check your underpants while jacking up a treehouse deck. as a result of that incident the treehouse deck as been juuuuuust slightly off center of the supports.

it was only a few inches off center which not enough for anyone to notice but me to notice, but it’s been annoying me for two years so today i jacked up the deck again very carefully and with odin’s help ever so carefully shifted it back and lowered it down.

now it’s perfect! though it’s never not disconcerting to but under the deck when it’s jacked up. i hope i don’t have to do it again!

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