29/365. odin’s odin cigar company box.

29/365. odin's odin cigar company box.

many years after odin was born and was given his nickname ( which really should be his real name, i suspect someday he’ll legally change it ) his grandmother found a long lost empty box that held his great grandfather’s coincidentally favorite cigar. odin keeps an assortment of Important Things in it. it’s one of his favorite boxes, though his Magnificently Metaphorical Birthday Box is still his favoritest.

i don’t know much about the Odin Cigar Company – if anyone has any info, i’d love to see it.

28/365. a new, helpful gnome in our home.

28/365. a new, helpful gnome in our home.

some might recall when i was pondering the ethics of five finger discounting the gnome salt and pepper shaker holder. not long after that i learned that the salt and pepper shaker holders were available for sale right across the street at dregne’s scandinavian gifts! no five finger discount required ( not that i’d ever really do that ).

so i actually managed to think far enough ahead to get one before christmas and get it wrapped and under the tree ( much to the surprise of kris and odin ). makes a great gift!

and now it’s on our kitchen table. makes me smile every time i reach for salt and pepper.

25/365. recipe: eggnog pie.

25/365. recipe: eggnog pie.

i have no idea how it’s possible that i’ve never posted this recipe for eggnog pie. clearly a great use for our the last carton of eggnog. it’s simple and delicious. i will admit that i sometimes have trouble getting it to set properly and it turns out more like eggnog pudding in a pie shell but it’s still great, just eat in a bowl! this time it set well and has a consistency akin to banana cream pie.


2T sugar
2T cornstarch
1/t salt
3C organic valley eggnog
6 organic valley egg yolks
1/4 C sugar
2t vanilla

1 8″ graham cracker cracker pie shell


– place first 3 ingredients in a 3QT heavy sauce pan and whisk together.
– whisk egg yolks with 1/4 cup sugar in a small bowl.
– add 1 3/4 eggnog mixture to dry ingredients in the sauce pan and whisk together.
– cook at medium heat until thickens, stirring constantly.
– remove from heat, add vanilla and remaining eggnog. whisk well.
– pour in shell. refrigerate for 24 hours to set.

pairs well with whipped cream.

and after you eat a slice you can enjoy the view of the eggnog pie chart, clearly showing the percentage of the pie chart that resembles pac-man :-)

24/365. scorekeeper.

24/365. scorekeeper.

at one of odin’s two hockey games today. it offers a great view of the game, but having to calculate game time versus clock time and saves in real time for official score sheet is a little stressy.

after winning 15 games and only losing one, odin’s coaches thought the team needed a more challenge so the rest of the season has been rescheduled to have them play tougher teams outside their regular league. they played oregon ( part of madison metro region ) and dodgeville and lost both games by a wide margin. i think, 8-2 and 9-2 respectively. in both games they held on to keep the score close through first two periods and ran out of steam in the third. while it’s fun to win every game by a blowout, i think it’s great for them to play tougher teams to see if they can take it the next level.

the non-league games don’t count against their stellar league record and i believe the challenge will get them better prepared for state championships.

22/365. the award winning “Gödel, Escher, Bach” ( in more ways than one ).

22/365. the award winning "Gödel, Escher, Bach" ( in more ways than one ).

the award for book I’ve owned the longest, and most repeatedly attempted to read but never finished without a doubt goes to “Gödel, Escher, Bach”. i think I’ve had in for 30 years. attempts to finish, maybe a dozen.

i could possibly convince myself to read it while watching the MIT opencourseware lectures videos that accompany the course “Gödel, Escher, Bach: A Mental Space Odyssey”.

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