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a sign of the (anchor store) times.

a sign of the (anchor store) times.

one of many closing macy’s ( this one is in eau claire, wisconsin ). the store is empty even with blowout deals.

we ran into some hockey parents outside ( hockey tournament weekend! ) the macy’s. they were there to see “the boat show” in the mall ( boats parked where there there used to be kiosks ), not to shop. one of them looked at macy’s and said, “ugh, you couldn’t pay me to go in there.”

the only reason we were in the mall was to return an eddie bauer christmas gift that was bought online.

the death spiral spirals

day 4495: “summer ice” is (finally) ending.

day 4495:  “summer ice” is (finally) ending.

which means we’re done with the once and twice a week 35 mile trips we’ve been making all summer so odin can keep skating over the summer as our arena doesn’t have year round ice.

hometown ice is almost done which means the regular hockey season is about to begin! and with the start of the season comes longer trips to arenas all over wisconsin O_o

i made a poor decision which resulted in a ride in a police cruiser.

i made a poor decision which resulted in a ride in a police cruiser.

went for an early run trying to beat what dark sky described as “light rain”. about 2 miles out it turned to heavy rain which is manageable but as i started to get nervous as the thunder started to get more rumbly and i noted i was one of the taller objects around while running along a road with soy fields on both sides.

i turned around to head home and soon after a police cruise passed me and went around a bend and about 20 seconds later a lighting bolt hit in a nearby stand of trees and was so loud and so startling that i almost tripped in the street and let out an involuntary stream of expletives.

i thought about asking a homeowner if i could hang out on their porch for a bit while the storm passed and while i was mulling it over, the cruiser rolls up and the officer rolls down his window and says, “hey, you want a ride home? it’s getting ugly out here.”

“you bet!”

thanks viroqua pd! i never did catch the officer’s name but i sure appreciated the ride.


i got 7 more rainy miles in after police ride home and storm died down. I *think* I can get a few more in before the yellow blob gets me! #shouldistayorshouldigonow

later: got back just as the booming started again!