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holy hail!

we drove back from madison and just missed what looked like an impressive hailstorm about 10 miles from home. “phew!” we thought, only to discover we arrived just before quarter sized hail was to start falling in viroqua. and fall it did! it’s hard to tell because it’s dark out but i think damage was […]

8 mile run. 15 mph winds. sub-zero windchills. snow blindness. looking for a tauntaun to crawl into.

day 3480: the first day odin played offense and scored a goal.

as many of you know, odin has been playing hockey for years. and for all those years, he has played defenseman and quite enjoyed it. but for whatever reason during a tournament in la crosse odin’s coach asked if he wanted to play right wing which is an offense position. he gladly accepted. all the […]

horse hitch at the village market triptych.

that thing where the deer’s eyes always look like they’re looking right at you no matter where you’re standing.

it never not creeps me out and all the more so when there’s a bunch of mounted heads looking back at me. when i first moved here i remember thinking it was strange that the local hardware store kept a trophy display of fresh kills ( not that i’m against hunting ) but now it […]

free wisconsin-style hunter’s breakfast with purchase.

from the you-might-be-in-wisconsin-during-deer-season department. they don’t say to drink the coors for breakfast but i think it’s just taken as a given.

finding a new home for the old me.

for over a year this photo of me has been hanging in the organic valley headquarters near the coffee station where i used to get coffee every day before the fire. the photo was taken right before i started running again, before i ran clear across the country and before i lost 110 pounds. so, […]

life in a small town.

watching the school band pass by in the westby homecoming parade from newish work digs and i can’t believe they missed the chance to bust into a few bars of john mellencamp’s small town.

scenes from the galaxie: amish oak shocks and the organic valley wind turbines.

the next step to getting right with the galaxie is taking her on a 60 mile road trip along the back roads of wisconsin to get a feel for how she’ll perform on longer road trips. driving down past all the pretty horses near odin avenue i noticed a nice view out the window of […]

getting right with the galaxie!

i suppose some of you might remember i’ve had a 1965 ford galaxie 500 for 11 years. in fact, it’s been exactly 11 years. i know this because i can go back and find the first time i wrote about buying in august of 2002 ( kids, that was so long ago i had a […]

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