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how the heck did a crazy windstorm do this to the treehouse movie theater screen?

how the heck did a crazy windstorm do this to the  treehouse movie theater screen?

first, some detail might be in helpful. the 11’x5’ treehouse movie theater screen hangs off the 2nd floor of the house and is attached at the top to the house soffit. there’s a 10 pound piece of metal conduit in a hem on the bottom of the screen to keep it even and flat. support ropes are linked to clamps that are attached to the bar to keep the bar from banging against the house when it gets windy.

recently, we had a couple days and nights with crazy winds and on one of those nights we could hear the treehouse movie theater screen banging against the side of the house. great. the winds were so strong they snapped the support lines on the bottom of the screen. but there was nothing to be done in the dark during 40mph gusts so we settled in for a night of listening to the banging.

but then it stopped. “huh.” i thought. “i guess the screen must have ripped apart and fallen down entirely.”

not exactly. somehow a gust of wind got in the foot of so space between the screen and house and whipped it onto the roof and over the drain waste vent?! you can sort of see the metal conduit that runs along the bottom of the screen in this photo and how it had to make it up and over the vent.

it might be hard to visualize but if hadn’t seen it with my own eyes, i wouldn’t have thought it was possible.

i have to admit, lacking a 30 foot ladder, it took some time to figure out how to get myself perched on what is probably the most inaccessible section of our roof to try to get the bar back over the vent. i’m looking down on the treehouse movie theater deck which itself is 15 feet off the ground.

314/365. wait, what? 30 year old la croix sparkling water is the hot, new beverage trend?

314/365. wait, what? 30 year old la croix sparkling water is the hot, new beverage trend?

it started about six months ago on social media. seemingly overnight people were overflowing wit their love of la croix sparkling water and tweeting pictures of being in heaven with their tech startup fridge being stocked full of the product that’s been around since before more than a few of their employees were born. could it be that the beverage originally founded and marketed by a local brewery, g. heileman brewing company, in la crosse, wisconsin is the hot, new beverage trend?

sure enough, the new york times is ON IT, gizmodo is running cocktail recipe articles, grubaholic says its taking over and bloomberg recently jumped in with how la croix beat coke and pepsi in the sparkling water wars.

we’re such beverage hipsters, we’ve been drinking it for almost 10 years since we first discovered it after moving to southwest wisconsin :-)

ghoulees in the coulees!

ghoulees in the coulees!

last year we did the last daylight half mile haunted hike with a group of odin and his friends. this year a larger and older group decided to hike in the night despite the warning on the website:

“Note: after 6:30 pm hikes will be SUPER SCARY

we had about 20 people in the group and since i’m older and wiser, i staked out a position in the back line so i had the advantage of plenty of advance warning for most of the ghouls and goblins and zombies and crazy clowns and chainsaw wielding homicidal maniacs that would jump out from nowhere along the trail :-)

from the sounds of the screaming tweens up ahead, they had a grand time.