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i made a poor decision which resulted in a ride in a police cruiser.

i made a poor decision which resulted in a ride in a police cruiser.

went for an early run trying to beat what dark sky described as “light rain”. about 2 miles out it turned to heavy rain which is manageable but as i started to get nervous as the thunder started to get more rumbly and i noted i was one of the taller objects around while running along a road with soy fields on both sides.

i turned around to head home and soon after a police cruise passed me and went around a bend and about 20 seconds later a lighting bolt hit in a nearby stand of trees and was so loud and so startling that i almost tripped in the street and let out an involuntary stream of expletives.

i thought about asking a homeowner if i could hang out on their porch for a bit while the storm passed and while i was mulling it over, the cruiser rolls up and the officer rolls down his window and says, “hey, you want a ride home? it’s getting ugly out here.”

“you bet!”

thanks viroqua pd! i never did catch the officer’s name but i sure appreciated the ride.


i got 7 more rainy miles in after police ride home and storm died down. I *think* I can get a few more in before the yellow blob gets me! #shouldistayorshouldigonow

later: got back just as the booming started again!

a moment at the new ov work digs.

a moment at the new ov work digs.

landscaping is coming along at the new work digs! i spend some time every day in the fitness center with windows that face out on work being done on landscaping. there’s a nice, big patio and the rocks are framing what i believe will be a walking path around the campus. not sure where the employee gardens are going.

( shot with a moment wide lens )