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7/365. a new running low!

7/365. a new running low!

no, i’m not going to do all running selfies for the “365 project” but, whoooweee, this is a new low in more ways than one. 5 miles. -8°F actual. -27°F windchill. Probably -32-35°F windchill when factoring in 7mph running speed. it’s hard to see in photo but my eyelashes developing significant icicle buildup.

without a doubt this is the coldest run i’ve ever done. for gear, i threw on thermal underwear under my running pants, 3 long sleeve running shirts under my winter running coat, 2 pairs of socks, 3 gloves ( 2 running gloves and a pair of “regular” cold weather gloves ), a balaclava and a cold weather running hat. at these temps, i’m solidly in the skin freezes in 30 minutes zone, so i’m a bit paranoid about unintentionally exposed skin.

all things considered, the run felt good but -30°F windchill is my new low, brutal limit. probably not going to run if it gets any colder :-)

i don’t know why i do this. i guess it’s the challenge. at the very least, it’ll make running in 0°F weather feel balmy.

day 3822: getting trounced by kris and odin while playing cribbage at the driftless cafe.

day 3822:  getting trounced by kris and odin while playing cribbage at the driftless cafe.

one of life’s little pleasures in the driftless region – hanging out at the driftless cafe playing cribbage with kris and odin while waiting for local, organic dinner to be served. the lake louie ipa makes the impending defeat just a little easier.

the cafe is a special place and they have a kickstarter thing going to help fund their expansion. check it out and feel free to kick in a few bucks whether or not you live in the area :-)

just ship.

just ship.

the “just ship” philosophy is, i believe, an homage to the steve jobs quote, “real artists ship”. it’s mostly seen in tech circles but i like the general philosophy that at end of the day “shipping” is the only thing that matters and it’s a valuable lesson outside tech. when i saw that kellan ( now cto of etsy ) was shipping the shirts originally developed for the etsy engineering shirt, i knew i had to get one.

in retrospect I should have ordered 6 more so I could make it my everyday shirt.

at the time of this writing he’s sold out of men’s sizes but you can pre-order at 50% off! hmmmmm…

“Life all comes down to a few moments. This is one of them.”


the title is a quote from one of the two characters in my 80s costume mash up. the other character is easy to guess but only a few at work could guess the quote character with suspenders, power tie and a giant cell phone.

in a bit of trivia, the corncob standing next to me is wearing an outfit i wore six years ago in a local parade while i handed out ov milk and string cheese.

i can’t remember if i wore any underwear but i think he’s probably ok either way :-)

the view from a gorgeous driftless lunchtime run.

the view from a gorgeous, driftless lunchtime run.

it’s impossible to convey the beauty of the view from the top of the ridge just a mile from my desk at organic valley. maybe a picture is worth a thousand words.

the view of the classic driftless region geography makes for quite an energizing “out and back” lunch run even on a dull day, all the more so when it’s sunny, green and lush.

do yourself a favor and view large on a big screen.