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frida celebrated st. patrick’s day at doggie day care.

friday looooooooooves seeing all her buddies when she goes to doggie day care. i can’t quite tell how much she loves the st. patrick’s day outfit.

giving blood. the surrealist edition.

due to cancelled blood drives on account of inclement weather, the red cross is short 38,000 pints of blood in the midwest. give blood! in a scandinavian themed church basement, when asked why i made the trek to give blood in inhospitable wintry conditions, i almost made the nurse cry when i told her about […]

10 mile run with 10 mph winds and +5°F degree wind chill. in. a. snow storm.

i guess at least it was above zero and no snow blindness! it didn’t sustain snowing at this intensity for long but the wind whipping around the steady snow fall was, um, fun? there’s a road there somewhere! when i’m out in weather like this, i get looks from drivers that i think means something […]

8 mile run. 15 mph winds. sub-zero windchills. snow blindness. looking for a tauntaun to crawl into.

after a year of keeping 110 pounds off, finally trimming the wardrobe.

it’s coming up on a year since i lost 110 pounds by running over 2,400 miles and i’ve managed to keep the weight off by continuing to watch what i eat, weighing myself every day, and continuing to run even in crazy cold weather. i’m cautiously optimistic that i’ve found the weight loss recipe that […]

frida the sweet puffball snoozing comfy couch companion.

metaphors we live by.

yes i did just coincidentally write a post on the day after christmas about on the origins of the myth and metaphor of santa claus and the relationships between santa claus, the norse god odin,tolkien and the “the hobbit while wearing my fantasy football t-shirt which features a tolkien-esque conception of a odin/gandalf character playing […]

day 3462: santa brought us fencing swords! it’s inconceivable!

mine is even a lefty! and yes, going up and down the stairs while dueling princess bride style is exactly as awesome as you might imagine.

field notes: the wisconsin edition.

Classic combo: @FieldNotesBrand and flannel. — bigdaf (@bigdaf) December 13, 2013 i stumbled upon this classic combo of field notes and flannel and looked down. indeed, i was wearing field notes and flannel and a canadian tuxedo and a union suit. the union suit is actually from the kittery trading post in kittery, maine, […]

frida wuvs to have her ears wubbed.

frida: “rawr! rawr! rawr!” me: “what? you want an ear rub?” frida: “raaaaaawr! raaaaaawr!”

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