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harder. better. faster. stronger.

today i ran 10 miles faster than i ever have before. i averaged 8.5 minute miles and on the last 5 i was running 8 minute mile pace. i could have easily run the entire 10 miles at a 8 minute mile pace. this means i shaved 10 minutes off my 10 mile run time […]

frida’s post run cool down routine.

frida loves, loves, loves to go running with me. with the warmer weather, keeping her cool is important so it’s great that she also loves, loves, loves cooling down in the kiddy pool! she usually goes 4 or 5 miles when the weather is cooler in the mornings or evenings. 3 miles if it’s during […]

making some modifications to the treehouse deck.

at the end of last summer, after camping in the trees and watching movies treehouse movie theater i was excited to kick off weekly movie screenings and having all sorts of fun up in the trees this summer. but after spending the winter looking at the 14′x16′ deck over the winter, i couldn’t stop wondering […]

day 3505: hanging out with the cosmos organicos garden collective contemplating probabilities.

exactly one year after the fire at the organic valley headquarters, we re-opened the rebuilt section of the building. hurray! and a few days after that cosmos organicos garden collective was in the garden preparing beds and planting. it’s great to get out and get your hands dirty and even more so when you’re doing […]

frida celebrated st. patrick’s day at doggie day care.

friday looooooooooves seeing all her buddies when she goes to doggie day care. i can’t quite tell how much she loves the st. patrick’s day outfit.

giving blood. the surrealist edition.

due to cancelled blood drives on account of inclement weather, the red cross is short 38,000 pints of blood in the midwest. give blood! in a scandinavian themed church basement, when asked why i made the trek to give blood in inhospitable wintry conditions, i almost made the nurse cry when i told her about […]

10 mile run with 10 mph winds and +5°F degree wind chill. in. a. snow storm.

i guess at least it was above zero and no snow blindness! it didn’t sustain snowing at this intensity for long but the wind whipping around the steady snow fall was, um, fun? there’s a road there somewhere! when i’m out in weather like this, i get looks from drivers that i think means something […]

8 mile run. 15 mph winds. sub-zero windchills. snow blindness. looking for a tauntaun to crawl into.

after a year of keeping 110 pounds off, finally trimming the wardrobe.

it’s coming up on a year since i lost 110 pounds by running over 2,400 miles and i’ve managed to keep the weight off by continuing to watch what i eat, weighing myself every day, and continuing to run even in crazy cold weather. i’m cautiously optimistic that i’ve found the weight loss recipe that […]

frida the sweet puffball snoozing comfy couch companion.

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