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painted lady.

painted lady.

oh nothing, just painting a giant wall sized cow mural at our new work digs, as one does. and nooooo, i’m not painting the whole thing. all the employees have an opportunity to come paint as much or as little as they want. then artist valerie miller from steel cow goes over it and makes it look amazing.

you can follow along with the ov employees painting barbara on steel cow’s facebook page.

oh nothing, just hanging out with rohan marley!

oh nothing, just hanging out with rohan marley!

many, many people are very, very happy that we are coming back with flavored half and half. one of those people is rohan marley who happens to be the chairman of marley coffee, a former pro football player and son of bob Marley!

i was walking past his booth while at a show to officially announce the relaunch, saw he already had them at his coffee station and of course I had to say “hi” and take a picture of him with my new “babies” that you will soon be able to find everywhere.

oh, the flavored half and half tastes incredible AND THE NEW BOTTTLES ARE GORGEOUS! super tough gig spending a week in southern california, listening to people rave about your new products 🙂

so long, old bank building!

so long, old bank building!

almost three years ago we had a fire at organic valley headquarters and almost two and a half years ago to help make space while they rebuilt the burned portion of the building, the marketing department ( including me ) moved to a an old bank building in a town where if you look closely you might detect a hint of the local scandinavian heritage.

after work was done at hq there was still no room ( we’re always GROOOOOOWING! ) so we stayed in the old bank while work was being done on new work digs WHICH ARE NOW DOOOOOOONE!

which means after 3 years of all of us feeling like we’re in a temporary situation that’s not so temporary, we’re all finally moving into a nice, new building with all kinds of nice, new amenities and i really couldn’t be happier.

i had to stand in the middle of the street to get this shot and while trying to not get hit by traffic, i noticed someone waving wildly as they drove by – a local organic valley farmer looking amused to catch me taking a picture knowing i was capturing our last day in the building 🙂

target market.

target market. I.

seen while watching odin’s hockey team play a game in la crosse, wisconsin. i’m sure the la crosse parents were wondering why i was taking a picture of the organic fuel marketing on the glass. most of the viroqua parents know i’m a brand manager at organic valley SO I CAN’T HELP MYSELF!

it’s a little less subtle in “real life” but not obnoxiously so 🙂

target market. II.

odin is a voracious fuel drinker and i swear i don’t force him to drink it. he doesn’t know anything about refueling after a game, he just loves the taste.

would it be too much if i brought samples to hand out to the la crosse parents at our next game? just kidding. sort of.