the moment (lens) has arrived!

the moment (lens) has arrived!

i’m going on a trip to far, far away lands next week and while i’m very excited for the trip, i was not very excited about the prospect of lugging my aging nikon dslr around with me. i’ve been looking at mobile photography lenses for awhile and really believe they are going to be the future of a certain segment of photography. don’t get me wrong, I WOULD TOTALLY TAKE A LEICA Q IF YOU WANT TO BUY ME ONE! but the reality is that it’s super hard for me to justify a four thousand dollar camera when it’s not providing me with some sort of income. i imagine i’ll get another “rea” digital camera at some point but for now – for this trip – i just don’t want to deal with it.

i noticed a long time internet friend was posting some gorgeous photos on instagram with moment lenses and saw the fine folks at wire cutter declared them “the best lenses for iPhone photography” so i picked up a wide lens, neck strap and a case that gives you a dslr-like shutter button and they arrived before i leave! YAY!

what i didn’t get was a lens cap. so boo! i just rectified that error but i’m not sure it’ll get here in a week.

can’t wait to try it out!

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