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phew! the moment lens cap arrived in time!

phew! the moment lens cap arrived in time!

yes i’ve been enjoying my new moment wide lens, but i learned really quickly that not ordering a $5 lens cap was a big mistake as i’d constantly have to clean the lens and would fret about scratching the lens.

the lens cap shipped and arrived in just a few business days before i leave on a trip! hurray!

i haven’t decided if the strap looks super dorky. i guess it’s about as dorky as wearing a DSLR around my neck which i’ve been doing for decades. the iPhone and lens combo is slim enough to slip behind your coat so that’s an added advantage in addition to keeping it at the ready.

the moment (lens) has arrived!

the moment (lens) has arrived!

i’m going on a trip to far, far away lands next week and while i’m very excited for the trip, i was not very excited about the prospect of lugging my aging nikon dslr around with me. i’ve been looking at mobile photography lenses for awhile and really believe they are going to be the future of a certain segment of photography. don’t get me wrong, I WOULD TOTALLY TAKE A LEICA Q IF YOU WANT TO BUY ME ONE! but the reality is that it’s super hard for me to justify a four thousand dollar camera when it’s not providing me with some sort of income. i imagine i’ll get another “rea” digital camera at some point but for now – for this trip – i just don’t want to deal with it.

i noticed a long time internet friend was posting some gorgeous photos on instagram with moment lenses and saw the fine folks at wire cutter declared them “the best lenses for iPhone photography” so i picked up a wide lens, neck strap and a case that gives you a dslr-like shutter button and they arrived before i leave! YAY!

what i didn’t get was a lens cap. so boo! i just rectified that error but i’m not sure it’ll get here in a week.

can’t wait to try it out!

i’m suuuuuuure it’s an honest mistake on apple’s part.

after updating to iOS 9 and el capitan i’ve been having troubles synching photos from my iphone to my macbook air. the mac would recognize the iphone but no photos would show up in the photos application or image capture. it was driving me nuts. turns out, if you have non-apple services like dropbox running that sync your photos to non-icloud services you have to turn them off.

reminiscing about seeing the future of mobile with a danger sidekick while sitting in the neonatal intensive care unit.

day 57: eric IV.  the mobile edition.

scott knaster, now at google wrote a nice post about working at danger in the early days where he notes, “The Hiptop (in product form as the TMobile Sidekick) was my first indication that people would soon be getting lost in their phones.”

in fact, the sidekick was the first time i saw the future that would take a long time to become fully realized. i remember the thrill of ssh’ing into a server and instant messaging with friends in january 2004. FROM A PHONE! and a little later, the sense of what the world would soon be like after posting to the blog. FROM A PHONE!

but the real thrill and sense of the future would hold came while sitting in the neonatal intensive care unit with odin and kris, looking at pictures i had taken on the sidekick and socialize with folks following odin’s adventures on flickr. bringing together mobile and social and photography was going to mean lots of people would be getting lost in their phones. but it wouldn’t really become a seamless thing until the cameras on phones could begin to become “good enough”. working in motorola r&d labs in new business development and strategy we all could see the hardware maps and knew it would happen around 2007. the year the iphone was born ( danger was co-founded by andy rubin who went on to start android which it now owns along with motorola mobility ).

in a funny bit of timing, i just realized i wrote this a day after the iphone was first announced in 2007 and i suppose i should say i didn’t have anything to do with the infamous motorola rokr E1.