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grill baby, grill!

after the salmon opener to the grilling season i thought it was prudent to turn to meat! scrounging from the fridge i topped the 100% grassfed organic burger with carmelized onions, garlic, a titch of jalapeno and topped it with organic valley feta and eventually doused it with worcestershire sauce. the flavors mixed perfectly!

day 3052: preparing seed garlic for a slightly smaller, small mountain of garlic.

regular readers might recall we’ve been planting and harvesting a small mountain of garlic for several years now. we usually plant around 200 cloves around this time of year in our lovely cropp crop. it turns out that 200 head of garlic is, well, way too much for a family of three even after you […]

on waking, once again, to a bat in the house!

there’s nothing quite like waking up to the swoosh! swoosh! of a bat flying around your bedroom and not too far from your head! it’s been 6 years since we’ve had any bats in the living space of our home ( i have to qualify that statement because there are plenty of bats we can […]

sowing the seeds of a garlic harvest.

continuing our tradition of planting about a month later than you should, we finally got about 200 cloves planted in our organic valley employee garden. so if all goes as planned we’ll have another small mountain of garlic in about eight months for the third year in a row. also, friends and family may be […]

garlic harvest!

thanks to kris’ hard work ( i was working hard on other ice creamy things! ), our fine looking cropp garlic crop is now harvested and hanging on our front porch to dry ( we thought the galaxie didn’t need vampire protection this year ). i think you might be able to smell garlic all […]

tending to the cropp crop.

the garlic we planted last fall at our employee garden at organic valley hq [1] is coming in nicely! and perhaps we even have one of the nicer looking employee plots ( inside joke. we have at times over the years had a notoriously ill kept plot. )! certainly better looking than last year when […]

grilled tomatoes, basil, garlic & parm.

grilled tomatoes, basil, galic & parm – a perfect recipe for the symbolic end of summer that labor day has come to represent. and, well, i’ve got to find something to do with all that garden garlic ( and tomatoes and basil ). 1. heat the grill to a med/med-high temperature 2. peel and mince […]

somewhat reasonably assured the galaxie 500 will not be stolen by vampires.

well, at least not for the next few weeks while the garlic harvest dries.

wherein we harvest a small mountain of garlic.

finally garlic harvest day arrived for our first crop of garlic at our organic valley employee garden! 250 head of garlic makes for a nice sized crop. even after factoring what we’ll use for seed for next years crop and our own personal consumption, we should some left over to pawn off to unsuspecting victims. […]

garlic scape asparagus cream soup

i’ve received lots of requests for the garlic scape asparagus cream soup i mentioned in the social intertubes the other day. well, here’s the almost embarrassingly simple, yet supremely delicious recipe. wash a half dozen or asparagus stalks and throw them in a boiling pot of water. toss in some of the usual herb suspects, […]

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