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The Great Brussels Sprouts Harvest!

up until about 10 years ago you couldn’t pay me to eat brussels sprouts but for whatever reason my taste buds changed and now they’re one of my favorite vegetables. fresh from the garden, steamed with a generous dollop of organic valley pasture butter. kris and odin do not share my love of brussels sprouts […]

frida surveys the splendor of the cosmos organicos garden plot.

we’re still harvesting the bounty from the labors of the cosmos organicos garden collective so frida had her first chance to survey the splendor! you can see ongoing work after the fire on the organic valley headquarters in the background. hopefully when we plant next year all the work will be done! you see this […]

the bounty from the labors of the cosmos organicos garden collective.

we’ve had an employee garden at organic valley for years and have mostly small mountains of garlic for the past few years. this year we joined forces with other gardeners and dubbed ourselves the cosmos organicos garden collective and have about 12 active beds that contain all manner of Good Things – garlic, tomatoes, potatoes, […]

the 2013 raspberry harvest begins!

they’re a little delayed this year because of the cool, wet spring, but the raspberries from the garden are finally coming in! we picked maybe about a gallon today and it’s only the beginning. we’ll freeze most of them for winter smoothies but i’m sure we’ll enjoy them while they are in season. i am […]

day 3052: preparing seed garlic for a slightly smaller, small mountain of garlic.

regular readers might recall we’ve been planting and harvesting a small mountain of garlic for several years now. we usually plant around 200 cloves around this time of year in our lovely cropp crop. it turns out that 200 head of garlic is, well, way too much for a family of three even after you […]

sowing the seeds of a garlic harvest.

continuing our tradition of planting about a month later than you should, we finally got about 200 cloves planted in our organic valley employee garden. so if all goes as planned we’ll have another small mountain of garlic in about eight months for the third year in a row. also, friends and family may be […]

the strawberries are coming!

finally the strawberries are ready for the pickin’! we got about a gallon of them today and there are many, many more on the way. they are noticeably less bugs and slugs in the garden this year which i assume is a side benefit of The Girls pecking and scratching around the garden. i think […]

tending to the cropp crop.

the garlic we planted last fall at our employee garden at organic valley hq [1] is coming in nicely! and perhaps we even have one of the nicer looking employee plots ( inside joke. we have at times over the years had a notoriously ill kept plot. )! certainly better looking than last year when […]

day 2503: documenting the first harvest of asparagus!

odin and i gave his mother a camera for mother’s day, but i think there’s a little confusion over just whose camera it is! but he has good instincts – when i said it was time to go pick our first harvest of asparagus from the family garden, he asked to wait a minute and […]

day 2275: The Last Harvest.

sigh. autumn has officially arrived. the days are getting shorter and nights are getting cooler so time has come to prepare the garden for winter and harvest all that remains before the first frost. thankfully, we had quite the crop of green beens to harvest – just the right amount to make a batch of […]

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