garlic harvest!

garlic harvest!

thanks to kris’ hard work ( i was working hard on other ice creamy things! ), our fine looking cropp garlic crop is now harvested and hanging on our front porch to dry ( we thought the galaxie didn’t need vampire protection this year ).

i think you might be able to smell garlic all the way down the block.

overall, the harvest is about the same as the small mountain we got last year – around 200 head – though the heads are, on average, a titch smaller. maybe we shouldn’t have planted in the same spot two years on a row? maybe we should have amended the soil with compost before planting?

either way, they’re plenty big for seed for the next planting in november and we’ll have more than enough left over to supply us with garlic for the whole year, and i’m sure we’ll give away a bunch to friends and family who don’t have the means to grow their own.

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