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day 3558: two birds in the hand…

…are worth four in the bush?

day 3558: and yet still more hockey.

the regular season of hockey ended and ouru local arena is in the process of taking down the ice but the fun never ends for us! while we’re not doing The Neverending Hockey Season again this year, odin is going to a seven week bluedevils AAA hockey development camp, so we get to drive an […]

day 3557: attempting to teach frida to not eat The New Girls.

after we sent the last flock to a nice amish family we thought we’d get some new chickens soon but then frida came into our lives and we decided a new puppy and new chickens was a bit too much to take on at the same time. so we decided to wait until spring had […]

day 3529: sort-of slowly learning to play as a team before the state championships.

i enjoy sitting in the penalty box. it’s easy volunteer work – you just open the door when a player gets a penalty to let them in the box and let them out when the time is up. hearing the coaches interact with the players offers a unique perspective on the game. i can’t imagine […]

odin wuz here.

a mouse randomly moves around the house to this spot and that spot. next to the coffee pot, or the water filter, or the radio, or the tooth paste tube. it’s been happening for longer than i can remember. i think it’s odin’s funny way of reminding us he was there and thinking of us […]

day 3499: yet another exciting round of The Dictionary Game before bed.

me: “what do you want to read before lights out?” odin: “the dictionary!” we take turns giving each other random words and time each other with a stopwatch to see can find words faster and then read the definition. it’s a fun game and with almost every word both of us learn something new. he’s […]

day 3486: The Hockey Life.

after playing offense and scoring a goal, odin is back on defense while playing against la crosse who they’ve beat once and lost once in overtime. “maintain your self control.” easier said than done! as one does as a hockey parent, i sat in the opponent’s penalty box. it offers a great view of the […]

day 3480: the first day odin played offense and scored a goal.

as many of you know, odin has been playing hockey for years. and for all those years, he has played defenseman and quite enjoyed it. but for whatever reason during a tournament in la crosse odin’s coach asked if he wanted to play right wing which is an offense position. he gladly accepted. all the […]

reminiscing about seeing the future of mobile with a danger sidekick while sitting in the neonatal intensive care unit.

scott knaster, now at google wrote a nice post about working at danger in the early days where he notes, “The Hiptop (in product form as the TMobile Sidekick) was my first indication that people would soon be getting lost in their phones.” in fact, the sidekick was the first time i saw the future […]

day 3477: frida is getting sleepy as i read odin some bedtime encyclopedia brown.

frida is getting veeeeeeery sweepy as odin wubs her ears.

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