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inaugural grillage

after a winter of this, going for a 6 mile run on 60°F with the smell of spring in the air inspired me to light up the grill for the first time of the season. salmon. simple and super delicious.

Everything is Awesome!

i very much enjoyed a 100% organic lunch delivered from organic valley HQ thanks to a new delivery service. i haven’t had a lunch like this since being relocated after the fire ( there’s no on-site kitchen at our new digs ). tater tot casserole, mind bending chocolate pudding goodness and a chocolate chip cookie […]

Perfect Purple Moon Ice Cream!

some might recall i’ve been concocting purple moon ice cream which is my 100% organic homage to the froot loopy blue moon ice cream without the artificial food coloring, or other mystery ingredients. it took a few iterations but i’ve finally perfected the recipe. nearly everyone – young and old – who taste it, loooooove […]

90% chicago style.

i had a very specific craving for a chicago style hot dog. so i went to some effort to get all the ingredients from memory, or at least as close as i could get in rural southwest wisconsin on short notice. no poppy seed buns and i had to substitute pepperoncini for pickled sport peppers, […]

The Great Brussels Sprouts Harvest!

up until about 10 years ago you couldn’t pay me to eat brussels sprouts but for whatever reason my taste buds changed and now they’re one of my favorite vegetables. fresh from the garden, steamed with a generous dollop of organic valley pasture butter. kris and odin do not share my love of brussels sprouts […]

recipe: new england fried clams.

it’s something of a birthday tradition for kris to get some clams flown in from main for my birthday and this year was no exception. two pounds of clams arrived at our house the day before my birthday from in lewiston, maine which is sort-of close to my ancestral homeland in and around machias, […]

The Greatest Burger, EVAR!

to celebrate losing 90 pounds by the new year, i whipped up a 100% grass-fed, organic, bacon, blue cheese, olive burger with caramelized onions and onion rings. losing 90 pounds involved lots of running and careful consideration of what i’ve been eating for the past year. and while i’d be lying if i said i […]

american academy of pediatrics’ clinical report highlights benefits of organic food

excellent news that the american academy of pediatrics released a clinical report that finally highlights the benefits of organic food, including lower exposure to pesticides for consumers and the workers who produce the food, lower exposure to drug-resistant bacteria and lower overall environmental impact than conventional farming and recommends that, “…Pediatricians should incorporate this evidence […]

recipe: organic cheeseburger soup!

fall is here and the temperatures are dropping and sometimes you just want some good old fashioned warm comfort food like, say, cheeseburger soup. and, of course you could use something like cheddar cheese but if you really want to nail the nostalgic comfort in comfort food, you’re typically going to find a processed cheese […]

here comes the science: why cilantro-haters hate cilantro

six years after i started documenting my dislike of cilantro ( and here ) after learning i was not alone upon reading a boingboing post, they point to new research on the genetic basis for why cilantro-haters hate cilantro which is linked to a variation in a gene associated with our sense of smell. see […]

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