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when you want to make a cheesecake and it just happens to be national cheesecake day

when you want to make a cheesecake and it just happens to be national cheesecake day

Kris: “we should make a cheesecake today!” ( we haven’t made a cheesecake in a looooong time ).

Me: “did you know it’s national cheesecake day?”

Kris:”no! We should definitely make one then!” Sooooooo…

martha stewart’s classic cheesecake recipe turned out pretty good. it’s no pasture butter cheesecake but it’ll do!

oh nothing, just some organic valley milk and buttermilk ON CHRISSY TEIGEN’S TABLE!

as the brand manager for organic valley milk, cream ( and buttermilk! ) it makes me smile see some of our products on model – and lover of great food – chrissy teigen’s table.

Time for: chicken fried steak with mushroom thyme gravy and fried eggs – will put up this week!

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in a totally non-creepy way, i like imagine her and her musician husband, john legend, preparing the chicken fried steak with mushroom thyme gravy and fried eggs ( which sounds completely excellent and you know i’m going to try the recipe ) and maybe even commenting about how whenever they try another brand of milk and buttermilk, it’s just not quite the same 🙂

thanks for supporting the cooperative!

you can see more of chrissy and john’s food adventures at www.sodelushious.com

recipe: sour cherry ice cream!

recipe: sour cherry ice cream!

yup, those macerating cherries ended up in some super delicious sour cherry ice cream! i followed this recipe which apparently is in scoop adventures. i wasn’t sure i was going to like this recipe because i love really custardy/eggy bases and it doesn’t have a single egg yolk in it. heresy! but when all was said and done, the end result really lets the cherry and cream flavors shine through. i still might try again with a custard base because you know The Girls keep laying eggs and we have to do something with them 🙂

as always you could make this without organic valley milk and cream BUT WHY WOULD YOU? for bonus points, add a little dark chocolate shavings. top notch!

3 C sour cherries, pitted
1 ¼ C sugar, divided
1 T lemon juice
2 C organic valley heavy whipping cream
1 C organic valley whole milk


– combine cherries with 3/4 C sugar and lemon juice. macerate in fridge for 6 hours, stirring every hour or so. puree cherries in a blender and strain through fine sieve mesh. keep a few tablespoons of skins to add back in when churning in ice cream maker.

– combine 1/2 C of sugar heavy cream and whole milk in a sauce pan and heat until just prior to boiling over medium heat until sugar dissolves. transfer to a water bath bowl to cool for 20 minutes, stirring occasionally then cool in fridge for at least 4 hours.

– combine milk mixture and cherry juice in ice cream maker and churn according to directions ( usually around 15-20 minutes ). when almost done, add the cherry skins. transfer to freezer safe container and freeze for at least 4 hours.