goodnight moon.

goodnight moon.

good day of kayaking at camp with odin and evelyn. they were so tired when we asked if they wanted to watch a movie before bed they both say, “maybe tomorrow. we’re tired and going to bed early.” and then proceeded to hatch a plan for getting up to take a picture of the sunrise which comes mighty early in these parts.

the lake is beautiful on the nearly full moon. you’ll have to imagine the haunting and beautiful loon calls.

blueberry fields forever.

blueberry fields forever.

seen on my morning run along route 1 between whiting and lubec. i sort-of expected to see a black bear trundling through the field.

blueberry crop is big business for washington county and i think still one of the largest blueberry exporting counties in the country.

this is one of those times when part of me doesn’t want to stop what i’m doing and i almost ran past then photographer brain takes over and makes hike into the field and in the end i’m glad it did :-)

two degrees of separation in space and time while photographing public art in lubec maine.

two degrees of separation in space and time while photographing public art in lubec maine.

kevin bacon ain’t got nothing on me. while visiting lubec i took this photo, posted it to instagram and a long time internet friend commented that her friend was visiting lubec had photographed the same thing at almost the same time and posted to instagram!

from the instagram comment thread:

susie_lh_c So strange that two people I know from totally different worlds just posted from the same location. Small world.

snowdeal @susie_lh_c both of us in Lubec?! At the same time?

susie_lh_c Yes. My friend from grad school is there right now.

susie_lh_c @snowdeal Her name is @jane_calvin

snowdeal @susie_lh_c holy cow! Picture of same thing even, that’s crazy!

jane_calvin This one is way better than mine! Small world indeed!

i think this sort of thing happens all the time and think it would be fun for about five minutes to have an augmented reality app that shows you how many degrees of separation strangers on the street are from you and the links.

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