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day 4495: “summer ice” is (finally) ending.

day 4495:  “summer ice” is (finally) ending.

which means we’re done with the once and twice a week 35 mile trips we’ve been making all summer so odin can keep skating over the summer as our arena doesn’t have year round ice.

hometown ice is almost done which means the regular hockey season is about to begin! and with the start of the season comes longer trips to arenas all over wisconsin O_o

target market.

target market. I.

seen while watching odin’s hockey team play a game in la crosse, wisconsin. i’m sure the la crosse parents were wondering why i was taking a picture of the organic fuel marketing on the glass. most of the viroqua parents know i’m a brand manager at organic valley SO I CAN’T HELP MYSELF!

it’s a little less subtle in “real life” but not obnoxiously so 🙂

target market. II.

odin is a voracious fuel drinker and i swear i don’t force him to drink it. he doesn’t know anything about refueling after a game, he just loves the taste.

would it be too much if i brought samples to hand out to the la crosse parents at our next game? just kidding. sort of.

day 4076 – 241/365. a moment odin will never forget.

day 4076 - 241/365. a moment odin will never forget.

odin snuck into hockey coaches clinic ( benefits of having mom on hockey board ), and caught me by surprise when he saw his chance and strode up to a chicago blackhawks player getting on the ice and asked, eyes wide as saucers, “can i shake your hand?” “sure thing, kid. thanks.” odin stepped away, beaming. i don’t know if the player will remember, but i know odin will never forget it. THE FEELS!

impressed the player was heartfelt even when nobody was looking. no crowds and i was standing off at a distance. also kinda proud that odin wasn’t interested in autograph or anything. just wanted to shake his hand. i think it caught the player off guard so maybe he will remember 🙂

to my chagrin, i’m still trying to track down the name of the player. the name i have doesn’t match the roster list but i think he’s a new recruit. i do know todd woodcraft was at the clinic, who is also a really nice guy and has held various coaching and scouting positions over the years. he’s in the red jacket on the left in the foreground. the blackhawks player is behind him in a red jersey.

day 4072 – 237/365. almost the end of 10 months of hockey.

day 4072 - 237/365. almost the end of 10 months of hockey.

between the regular hockey season, clinics and off season practice we’ve been watching odin play hockey for 10 straight months. odin loves every minute of it ( he’s skating in the red socks in this picture ) but i can’t say i’m not going to enjoy taking a month or so off before the regular season starts up in october.