day 4620: wait, what? it’s almost the end of the regular hockey season?!

day 4620:  wait, what? it’s almost the end of the regular hockey season?!

it’s hard to believe the regular hockey season is almost over with just a couple of games left for odin in his last year as a pee wee.

he’s a great player but if i’ve learned anything over the years – it’s hard to take a great photo of defenseman in action ( much easier to take photos of offense shooting pucks into the net than taking photos of defense running down pucks ) 😃

unfortunately they lost to dodgeville 3-6. there’s a good chance they’ll play them at the state championships in a few weeks so they’ll need to step up their game if they want to take home a trophy.

a sign of the (anchor store) times.

a sign of the (anchor store) times.

one of many closing macy’s ( this one is in eau claire, wisconsin ). the store is empty even with blowout deals.

we ran into some hockey parents outside ( hockey tournament weekend! ) the macy’s. they were there to see “the boat show” in the mall ( boats parked where there there used to be kiosks ), not to shop. one of them looked at macy’s and said, “ugh, you couldn’t pay me to go in there.”

the only reason we were in the mall was to return an eddie bauer christmas gift that was bought online.

the death spiral spirals

day 4571: The Ref.

day 4571:  The Ref.

so proud of odin for studying hard all summer, passing the tests and becoming a hockey ref! his first game was today reffing viroqua versus black river falls. His first job! as an added bonus he had first experience of having parents swear at him from the stands.

seriously, if you’re swearing at a 12 year old ref you really need to reevaluate your priorities. Happy the asshat parents didn’t phase odin and he’s very excited to keep reffing.

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