49/365. chess great bobby fischer could solve the “15 puzzle” in 25 seconds.

49/365. chess great bobby fischer could solve the "15 puzzle" in 25 seconds.

i’m no bobby fischer :-)

to put that in perspective, there are over half a trillion ( 15!/2 = 653,837,184,000 )
possible permutations
and half of all starting points are not solvable no matter how many permutations are tried! according to wikipedia he demonstrated his 15 puzzle prowess in 1972 on the tonight show, though sadly i can’t find a video.

also, the ernő rubik, inventor if the eponymous cube is said to have been inspired by the 15 puzzle which makes sense since it’s basically a 2D version of the cube.

we’ve had this think fun fifteen puzzle for years and it has been played with so many times by odin and us that the pieces feel smooth and well worn ( in a good way ). it’s just 2”x2” but weighs 3 oz and feels substantial and not chintzy in your hand.

47/365. the cute puzzle that has stolen our dining room table.

47/365. the cute puzzle that has stolen our dining room table.

i think it started something like this, “oh, look at the cuuuute gorilla holding a flower! let’s put the puzzle together. how hard can it be? It’s ooooonlyyyyy 750 pieces!”

we completely underestimated the challenge – months later and we still don’t have our dining room table back :-)

we mostly eat at kitchen table so it’s not a huge loss but, still, probably should have a dedicated puzzle table.

44/365. odin’s valentine’s day cupcake leftovers.

44/365.  odin's valentine's day cupcake leftovers.

he made a batch for his class and thankfully we had a few left to enjoy for ourselves :-) the strawberry heart is a nice touch.

the recipe is based loosely on valentine’s cupcakes: vanilla cupcake recipe with buttercream frosting.

i asked him if his classmates enjoyed them and he said several asked him for the recipe so i guess it they were a hit!

42/365. machias, maine 150th anniversary photo.

42/365. machias, maine 150th anniversary photo.

in 1913, my hometown in machias, maine celebrated the 150th(!) anniversary of its founding by gathering the 150 or so town residents for a giant panorama. they’re all dressed up in costumes presumably getting ready for founding days parade/festival. i can spend hours looking at the panorama imagining stories about those in the photograph. there’s at least a half dozen stories just in this shot alone.

it’s strange to think my ancestral relatives are likely somewhere out there in the photo peering back at me ( my ancestors were there at the founding of the town ). maybe even one of them is the kid in middle!

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