Modern Ruin: Black Hole

Modern Ruin: Black Hole from Jeff Frost on Vimeo.

“An extended preview of a film constructed from 150,000 photographs that combines time lapse footage of riots, optical illusion paintings and stars. Modern Ruin is a contemplation of the idea that creation and destruction is the same thing. In the same way that you, life itself and even the laws of the universe are deeply paradoxical, so too are the realities pieced together to form this non-reality.
Every event depicted in Modern Ruin happened in naked reality, from the riots, to the optical-illusion paintings.”

day 3683: odin doesn’t know it but he’s learning lessons from The Cosmos Organicos Garden Collective.

day3638 - odin doesn't know it but he's learning lessons from The Cosmos Organicos Garden Collective. I.

over the years odin has learned a lot of things in the employee garden we tend at organic valley. we’ve been kite flying and planting and hoeing and weeding since he was barely old enough to push a wheelbarrow and it’s neat to know he thinks it’s normal that people grow food where they work and lots of folks we work with care about where there food comes from.

and now, since we joined The Cosmos Organicos Garden Collective, he gets to see how great it is when a group of people get together to share in the effort.

holy cow we have a whole lotta of food! the plot is on the right and goes all the way back to where the guy is watering in the background. and we’ve started take over another plot across the path that he’s watering in photo.

and i have to say another fun part of the story of The Cosmos Organicos Garden Collective is the nice man in the background is our vice president of sales, eric newman and the woman in front is theresa marquez our chief mission executive ( so now i don’t have steal theresa’s green beans because they’re our green beens :-) ). i don’t know about you but other companies i’ve worked for the “c-suite” executives didn’t hang out with employees and certainly didn’t get their hands dirty in the garden!

day3638 - odin doesn't know it but he's learning lessons from The Cosmos Organicos Garden Collective. II.

odin doesn’t know it yet, but he’s also learning that working at organic valley really is quite different than many other companies in a lot of ways.

who knows maybe someday he’ll have his own employee plot and join the garden collective.

day3638 - odin doesn't know it but he's learning lessons from The Cosmos Organicos Garden Collective. III.

side note, i can’t even begin to describe how gorgeous a day it was in the rolling hills of the driftless region.

The Girls started laying eggs!

The Girls started laying eggs!

kris went out the coop at the end of the day to check on The Girls and happened to look in the nesting box and discovered they’ve started laying eggs! whooohoooo! fresh eggs!

it seems like just yesterday we were attempting to teach frida to not eat The New Girls.

when i lifted open the lesting box, The Girls were all “oh hey! we didn’t know it did that!”

JIBO: The World’s First Family Robot

i ran across a video for JIBO “The World’s First Family Robot” and automatically assumed it was a parody or some attempt at viral comedy. but no – it’s legit! maybe it’s just me but that video really strikes my creepy nerve ( along with other concerns ) but it is an interesting way to avoid the uncanny valley. could go in interesting directions if it’s going to end up being a platform you can build on.

don’t fly drones here ( but kite aerial photography o.k. sometimes )

don’t fly drones here is an interactive map showing areas where you’re not supposed to fly “unmanned aerial vehicles” including airports, military bases and national parks. but as far as i can tell – since it doesn’t technically involve a uavkite aerial photography is still allowed at national parks but probably not a great idea near military bases and airports. [ via kottke ]

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