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day 4571: The Ref.

day 4571:  The Ref.

so proud of odin for studying hard all summer, passing the tests and becoming a hockey ref! his first game was today reffing viroqua versus black river falls. His first job! as an added bonus he had first experience of having parents swear at him from the stands.

seriously, if you’re swearing at a 12 year old ref you really need to reevaluate your priorities. Happy the asshat parents didn’t phase odin and he’s very excited to keep reffing.

day 4495: “summer ice” is (finally) ending.

day 4495:  “summer ice” is (finally) ending.

which means we’re done with the once and twice a week 35 mile trips we’ve been making all summer so odin can keep skating over the summer as our arena doesn’t have year round ice.

hometown ice is almost done which means the regular hockey season is about to begin! and with the start of the season comes longer trips to arenas all over wisconsin O_o

the last game(s) of the regular 2015-2016 hockey season!

the last game(s) of the regular 2015-2016 hockey season!

after 4 months of sitting in hockey arenas on weekends, i almost can’t believe the season is just about over. two games against onalaska today, the kids lost the first game 3-4 but won the second and last game of the regular season 4-3!

it’s always good to end the season with a win!

the next time they play a game it will be against dodgeville in the state championships on march 12th. they lost to dodgeville by one point in a game earlier in the season and i think they really want to avenge that loss. should be a good game.