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first day of the waupaca “super squirt” tournament.

first day of the waupaca "super squirt" tournament. I.

odin’s team lost their first game against a milwaukee area team, but won the second against a team I can’t remember the name of! it was one of the best games i’ve seen them play in part because they game back from being down 6-4 to winning 7-10.

tomorrow they’ll play against appleton for 3rd place trophy!

first day of the waupaca "super squirt" tournament. II.

I’m broadening my role beyond youth hockey sports journalist to game videographer so they can review in practice.

38/365. heading to state hockey championships!

38/365.  heading to state hockey championships!

odin’s hockey team has best record in their league and now they’re headed to state championships after beating sparta 7-2 in “playdowns”. here’s a nice shot of one of the viroqua thunder players, after receiving well placed pass from the player in the background, getting the puck past two defenders to score a goal. in the photo, the puck is juuuuuust getting up and over the goalie’s stick.

that’s odin standing in the top left corner playing defense :-)

24/365. scorekeeper.

24/365. scorekeeper.

at one of odin’s two hockey games today. it offers a great view of the game, but having to calculate game time versus clock time and saves in real time for official score sheet is a little stressy.

after winning 15 games and only losing one, odin’s coaches thought the team needed a more challenge so the rest of the season has been rescheduled to have them play tougher teams outside their regular league. they played oregon ( part of madison metro region ) and dodgeville and lost both games by a wide margin. i think, 8-2 and 9-2 respectively. in both games they held on to keep the score close through first two periods and ran out of steam in the third. while it’s fun to win every game by a blowout, i think it’s great for them to play tougher teams to see if they can take it the next level.

the non-league games don’t count against their stellar league record and i believe the challenge will get them better prepared for state championships.