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day 4192 – 356/365. odin sets up his christmas surprise – a yi action camera.

day 4192 - 356/365.  odin sets up his christmas surprise - a yi action camera.

we’re traveling so we left many of odin’s presents in wisconsin to be opened when we get back. but not all of them! we surprised him with a YI action camera which is comparable to a gopro hero but instead of costing $300+, it costs less than a $100. you can get it for $69 but we paid $20 bucks more for the convenience of amazon prime. an an underwater housing was on sale for $10 (?!) and a set of every mount he’ll need to get started ( helmet mount, chest mount, selfie stick, suction mount etc ) cost us just $25 more.

while that’s not nothing, it’s certainly makes it easier to get it for odin and not feel too much pain if ( when? ) he breaks it while starting to explore his interest in extreme sports videography 🙂 you can see the camera’s capabilities on their youtube page. i expect we’ll see much more video from odin soon.

unboxing impressions were great. he had the app downloaded in and was controlling the camera from his iPod in no time.

327/365. sweet tweets!

327/365. sweet tweets!

i almooooost picked this up at the gladstone but i choked. i can think of maaaaaany people deserving of such a fine gift. throw a gingerbread twitter logo and a properly formatted tweet and you’ve got something way better than one of those dumb cuneiforms.

if it’s still there after thanksgiving, i think i’m going to have to get it.

The Greatest Father’s Day Gift.

The Greatest Father's Day Gift.

odin handed me the father’s day gift he made with a big smile after breakfast.

hmmmm. a jar simply labelled “dad 2013” with twenty or so slips of paper inside. what could it be?

each slip of paper had a statement of something he loves about me.

“i love that you make me laugh.”

“i love that we go on long bike rides.”

“i love that you read to me.”

“i love that we make stuff together.”

“i love that your [sic] building me a treehouse.”

and on and on. i started to get a little teary reading them all. such a fabulously thoughtful and wonderful gift from a fabulously thoughtful and wonderful boy.

i will cherish it always.