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10 mile run with 10 mph winds and +5°F degree wind chill. in. a. snow storm.

i guess at least it was above zero and no snow blindness! it didn’t sustain snowing at this intensity for long but the wind whipping around the steady snow fall was, um, fun? there’s a road there somewhere! when i’m out in weather like this, i get looks from drivers that i think means something […]

Mia The Creator and Conqueror of Snowmen.

shortly before enjoying hot chocolate with odin and his already well-worn jersey mia was braving the kind of weather you just don’t see in venice, california.

Galibier by smashred

arctic light by

Coquitlam Mountain with snowy b&w trees by Christopher J. Morley

Untitled by Christian Pitschl

Mount Guajara in Pink [Explored] by Michael Bolognesi

Winters Blanket – Mt Hood National Forest, Oregon by Adrian Klein

odin’s snow bunny.

someday relatively soon i suppose odin will find other things to occupy his time, but for now sure do enjoy coming home from work to find him super excited to show me the super cute snow bunny he created in the front yard.

the definition of perseverance. or insanity?

not sure if it’s the definition of perseverance, or insanity, to run 10 miles the day after running 11 miles. in 28°F temps. with 20mph wind gusts. in the first snowstorm of the season. on the upside, i’ve now lost 80 pounds which is 5 more than the the recent fitness milestone and means i’m […]

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