day 3067: odin’s first game as a squirt!

day 3067: odin's first game as a squirt! I.

after making the cut to move up to the squirts and a a few practices running plays odin and his new teammates played their first game today against black river falls.

and whooboy, what a game! viroqua played well through the first two periods and maintained a commanding 4-1 lead. they looked awesome for their first game!

odin struggled a little in the beginning to remember exactly where he needed to be on the ice, but he caught on quickly and made several great defensive plays ( here he’s in blue swatting the puck away from the net after a face-off ).

day 3067: odin's first game as a squirt! II.

as viroqua got tired in the third period, black river falls scored three goals and with literally seconds left in regular play scored a fourth goal to tie the game and sent the game into over time! it was all almost too exciting ( i totally lose cred as an amateur sports photographer by missing the game tying shot )!

day 3067: odin's first game as a squirt! III.

after several heart stopping moments, where it looked liked black river falls was going to win in overtime, virouqa held on with excellent ( albeit somewhat tired ) defense and the game ended a tie.

it was a great game played by both teams. i can’t wait to see how odin’s team progresses through the season. although hopefully not all the games are this exciting!

a big fitness milestone.

yup, i’m still running. and i’ve now lost 75 pounds! which means i’ve erased 14 years of weight gains. which means i now weigh what i weighed when kris and i got married and i wanted ( but failed ) to lose 10 pounds 🙂

it’s interesting to note that over the past 63 weeks of running ( and particularly since august ), i’ve really tuned the program and pretty much know what i have to do to lose 3-4 pounds *a week* ( when i started i was happy to lose 5 pounds *a month* ).

so, if all goes according to plan and i don’t fall off the exercise and eating wagon during the holiday season, i should hit my Big Goal of losing 90 pounds by the new year.

and then, instead of making a new years resolution to lose 90 pounds, maybe i’ll rest for a few weeks 🙂

wanted: reliable poultry water warmer.

we had a poultry water warmer similar to this $50 farm innovators model ( i can’t recall if it was that brand or not but it was the same price ) that stopped working after barely a full season and now that it’s cold enough to freeze the their water over night, i’m wary of plunking down $50 again for something that might only last a season or two again ( maybe it was a fluke? ).

any backyard chickens types out there have a suggestion for a reliable water warming setup to prevent freezing in winter? maybe a thermo cube thermostatically controlled outlet with a higher quality warming plate?

update: a long time reader sent me an email with this awesome and easy suggestion from the art of doing stuff on building a DIY Water Thawer and another commenter left a link for a great tutorial for a slightly more complicated but similar concept. i’m going to give one or the other a try since they’re both a lot more affordable than a $50 poultry water warmer that might or might not last more than a season.

advanced turkey day trolling

it’s thanksgiving and family and friends are gathered around the table, possibly drinking which we can all agree makes for the perfect time for trolling! first, get schooled with some “all in the family” thanksgiving fun but you really don’t want to easily being identified as a troll so avoid the easy arguments. maybe ease in with how the smartest people prefer twitter and move on to how yoga wrecks your body. or just go right for the apocalyptic and accounce we’re headed for a disaster of biblical proportions.

day 3061: running plays with the squirts!

day 3061: running plays with the squirts!

remember that hockey test test to see if odin had the skills to move up to the squirts? well, he made the cut!

so, now he’s practicing with older 9 and 10 year old kids and they actually practice running plays on his new team ( the 8-9 year old mites mainly concentrated on skating drills and learning individual positions, not necessarily integrated plays ).

i imagine this will mean odin’s already impressive skills with improve really, really quickly over the coming months ( here, he’s in the white jersey playing goalie ).