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day 3067: odin’s first game as a squirt!

after making the cut to move up to the squirts and a a few practices running plays odin and his new teammates played their first game today against black river falls. and whooboy, what a game! viroqua played well through the first two periods and maintained a commanding 4-1 lead. they looked awesome for their […]

a big fitness milestone.

yup, i’m still running. and i’ve now lost 75 pounds! which means i’ve erased 14 years of weight gains. which means i now weigh what i weighed when kris and i got married and i wanted ( but failed ) to lose 10 pounds it’s interesting to note that over the past 63 weeks of […]

print 700 terabytes of data into a single gram of DNA?

those propeller heads at harvard have figured out how to enocde 700 terabytes of data into a single gram of DNA. now, if only someone were working on a 3D DNA printer so you could print the equivalent of 14,000 50-gigabyte Blu-ray discs. oh wait, craig venter is working on a digital biological “teleporter.” ( […]

wanted: reliable poultry water warmer.

we had a poultry water warmer similar to this $50 farm innovators model ( i can’t recall if it was that brand or not but it was the same price ) that stopped working after barely a full season and now that it’s cold enough to freeze the their water over night, i’m wary of […]

curiouser and curiouser

what did the curiosity rover find? something for the history books? just remember, the pope’s astronomer has been saying alien life is just alright by them. if it is direct or indirect confirmation of alien life and nasa doesn’t leak the information on december 21st then it needs to hire new PR group.

advanced turkey day trolling

it’s thanksgiving and family and friends are gathered around the table, possibly drinking which we can all agree makes for the perfect time for trolling! first, get schooled with some “all in the family” thanksgiving fun but you really don’t want to easily being identified as a troll so avoid the easy arguments. maybe ease […]

day 3061: running plays with the squirts!

remember that hockey test test to see if odin had the skills to move up to the squirts? well, he made the cut! so, now he’s practicing with older 9 and 10 year old kids and they actually practice running plays on his new team ( the 8-9 year old mites mainly concentrated on skating […]

day 3058: school assembly and stone soup!

friday school assembly is one of the many neat things about odin’s school. first thing in the morning, the kids all gather together in the gym and each grade take a turns performing a little play or song they’ve learned in front of the other grades and many parents who are able to attend. it’s […]

David Simon | Barack Obama And The Death Of Normal

david simon on barack obama and the death of normal: “Behold the New Jerusalem. Not that there’s anything wrong with being a white man, of course. There’s nothing wrong with being anything. That’s the point.”

still running! and a milestone after 62 weeks.

i ran 8 miles today and 44 for the week which is an all time weekly high after 62 weeks of running ( and i’ve covered 1,782 miles since starting up again )! at some point i suppose i can probably relax a bit and lose the now very irrational fear that if i miss […]

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