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we are stardust, we are golden quantum entangled double helixes.

as neil degrasse tyson is fond of saying we are not figuratively but literally made of stardust which is mind blowing all on its own to think we’re sentient stardust. and now a new theoretical model predicts some of our most important stardust, the dna double helix, is held together by quantum entanglement. yes, the very same phenomenon that einstein referred to it as “spooky action at a distance” might be responsible for holding DNA together. the very same phenomenom that can theoretically instantaneously teleport information across infinite distances. surely someone must be theorizing how we are connected to our multiverse doppelgängers. who knows, the universe is not only queerer than we suppose, but queerer than we can suppose.. so sing along with me, we are stardust / we are golden ( quantum entangled double helixes ) / we are billion year old carbon / and we got to get ourselves back to the ( multiverse ) garden

scientists discover double meaning in genetic code

just when we had the human genome all figured out ( that’s ironic linking for you youngsters ), scientists discover a second code hiding within dna which means the double helix contains code for two different languages simultaneously. one language describes how proteins are made, and the other how genes are controlled. it really wouldn’t surprise me to discover there are more languages to be found since we’ve long known evolution is an opportunist, “…Thirty-one years ago, Gould and Vrba suggested that repetitive DNA sequences known as transposons, which originated from viruses, might serve no direct function at first, but may be used to great advantage later on. Since then, research has shown that transposons played an important role in the evolution of pregnancy.” it makes one wonder if those making products from genetically modified organisms really have any idea what they’ve altered. update: “Duon” is just a new name for something we already knew about