wanted: reliable poultry water warmer.

we had a poultry water warmer similar to this $50 farm innovators model ( i can’t recall if it was that brand or not but it was the same price ) that stopped working after barely a full season and now that it’s cold enough to freeze the their water over night, i’m wary of plunking down $50 again for something that might only last a season or two again ( maybe it was a fluke? ).

any backyard chickens types out there have a suggestion for a reliable water warming setup to prevent freezing in winter? maybe a thermo cube thermostatically controlled outlet with a higher quality warming plate?

update: a long time reader sent me an email with this awesome and easy suggestion from the art of doing stuff on building a DIY Water Thawer and another commenter left a link for a great tutorial for a slightly more complicated but similar concept. i’m going to give one or the other a try since they’re both a lot more affordable than a $50 poultry water warmer that might or might not last more than a season.

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  1. Sadly, these both still require electricity, which is not available anywhere near our coop! Looks like we’ll still be swapping waterers, but at least it’s almost above freezing overnight lately!


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