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day 3558: two birds in the hand…

…are worth four in the bush?

day 3557: attempting to teach frida to not eat The New Girls.

after we sent the last flock to a nice amish family we thought we’d get some new chickens soon but then frida came into our lives and we decided a new puppy and new chickens was a bit too much to take on at the same time. so we decided to wait until spring had […]

death cab for cutie chickens.

it’s fall, which means it’s time to rotate our flock of chickens which means out with the old nearly “spent” hens and in with some new girls. i didn’t write too much about the hens we got last year beyond when they started laying i think mostly because they were a lot more skittish than […]

recipe: bacon and blue cheese breakfast tortillas.

so i’m standing, staring at the fridge wondering what i can whip together and a plan slowly comes together. a wonderfully tasty plan. a plan so wonderfully tasty that i can’t believe it had never occurred to me before – BACON AND BLUE CHEESE BREAKFAST TORTILLAS! i scrambled some fresh eggs from The Girls and […]

finally, fresh eggs from The (new) Girls!

some time ago we gave away The Old Girls to a nice farm in the country. after two full years of laying they weren’t producing many eggs anymore and were old enough that they probably wouldn’t have tasted any good on the dinner table. as luck would have it, a local organic pumpkin patch was […]

wanted: reliable poultry water warmer.

we had a poultry water warmer similar to this $50 farm innovators model ( i can’t recall if it was that brand or not but it was the same price ) that stopped working after barely a full season and now that it’s cold enough to freeze the their water over night, i’m wary of […]

The Girls loooooove an unmowed lawn ( not a euphamism ).

chickens for pest control ( especially ticks )

with the early warm weather greening everything up, The Girls are out happily foraging around the yard looking for Anything That Moves. it’s really amazing to sit and watch them scratch and peck with what appears to be incredible specificity as they look for bugs and ticks and whatnot where the whatnot is most likely […]

a vignette of Life With The Girls and Pushkin.

and so, after moving 3 yards of dirt from one place to another i thought it’d be nice to take a rest on the lawn and say hello to The Girls who are normally a little wary of The Big Man, but are willing to abandon The Raspberry Patch to investigate when he has A […]

lessons from backyard chickens

fun little article on 5 Crazy Things That Occur When You Raise Backyard Chickens which i’ve all found to be true in our experience with The Girls. jill richardson covers #3 quite extensively in her lovely post on chicken personalities.

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