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The 4-Minute Workout

that seven minute workout plan is so last month. the the 4-minute workout is the new hotness for people who don’t need to lose weight and are looking to answer the question, “how little exercise can i get away with while maximizing my fitness gains?” fitness gurus and gyms with fancy equipment will be disappointed. […]

the seven minute scientific fitness program.

i’m still working on meeting my 100 consecutive push-up and 200 consecutive sit-up goal. it’s hard to believe i’ve done almost 4,000 push-ups and 7,000 sit-ups over the past 12 weeks! it might be a few more weeks before i actually hit the goal, but then i’ll definitely be looking for a “maintenance” fitness routine […]

80 weeks later – I LOST 106 POUNDS!

4 weeks after hitting the hundred pounds lost mark, i’ve lost 6 more pounds which means, through the magic of math, i’ve lost 106 pounds! according to the BMI calculators, at 189 pounds i have a body mass index of 23 which puts me in the the 23rd weight percentile for my 6’4″ frame and […]

visualizing running 2,422 miles

View San Diego to Jacksonville, 1 Fuel Stop in a larger map i get asked every day how i lost lost 100 pounds and the shortest answer i give is that i ran a lot and a little less. at the time i hit the 100# mark i had run 2,357 miles ( as of […]

76 weeks later – I LOST 100 POUNDS!

i almost can’t believe it, but 76 weeks after starting running again after a 7 year hiatus, i’ve logged 2,357 miles and finally hit my goal of losing 100 pounds! it’s been just a year since i committed to running another marathon and i’ve kept losing weight since meeting my original goal of losing 70 […]

the hardest part? reprogramming the reprogramming.

i’m within a pound or so of hitting 100 pounds lost and increasingly getting “you look great, but you’re not going to lose anymore weight, right?” comments. turns out, the hardest part after embarking on The Great Reprogramming and running 6-7 days a week for 73 weeks, logging 2134 miles, eating 1,700 calories a day […]

phase II fitness – stage I. 100 push-ups and 200 sit-ups.

i cruised past losing 90 pounds by the year and even though i’ve slowed up a bit on the rate of weight loss, i’ll hit 100 pounds lost sometime in february. so what about that phase II fitness program focused on strength training? i’ve been slowly working with dumbbells doing a few reps here and […]

the lies we tell ourselves while running with a chest cold.

“oh, a -5°F wind chill isn’t really that cold. and it’s only 4 miles. i mean, the cold will agitate my chest in a good way and help, you know, clear the gunk out.” uh, huh. the icicle’s hanging from my eyelashes produced from my breath venting out the face mask are messing with the […]


i really didn’t think i was going to do be able to do it over the holidays, but thanks in part to burning over 2,000 calories on a new year’s eve 13 miler with a new toy i weighed in this morning and have lost 15 pounds since my big fitness milestone ( and 12 […]

a new year’s eve 13 miler with a new toy!

due to the snowdeal holiday travel schedule santa arrived at the snowdeal household on the eve of new years eve ( much to odin’s chagrin ). and i was very surprised to get a nifty timex ironman watch from kris and odin! no more jostling with my phone to check my pace with runkeeper ( […]

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