day 3050: a hockey test.

day 3050: a hockey test. I.

we weren’t the only ones to notice odin’s improved skating skills. his hockey coach called and asked him to try out to move up to next level.

he’s in the mites which is the level for 7-8 year olds but i guess they’re short a few players on the squirts team which is for 9-10 year olds. or, apparently, ace 8 year olds when they need a few players 🙂

day 3050: a hockey test. II.

he says he wants to go for it. of course, no pressure from us, but we were sort-of nervous for him in during the try-outs competing against the 7 other skaters hand-picked by the coaches. ( the red on his glove is from the dye on the fresh tape we put on the handle of his hockey stick. )

day 3050: a hockey test. III.

odin did a great job, especially in the drills. he held back a little in the scrimmage but still had some good defense plays. he says he “has a good feeling…” about making the cut. we’ll find out on monday! ( he’s in the yellow jersey with the number 8 )

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