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oh nothing, just hanging out with rohan marley!

oh nothing, just hanging out with rohan marley!

many, many people are very, very happy that we are coming back with flavored half and half. one of those people is rohan marley who happens to be the chairman of marley coffee, a former pro football player and son of bob Marley!

i was walking past his booth while at a show to officially announce the relaunch, saw he already had them at his coffee station and of course I had to say “hi” and take a picture of him with my new “babies” that you will soon be able to find everywhere.

oh, the flavored half and half tastes incredible AND THE NEW BOTTTLES ARE GORGEOUS! super tough gig spending a week in southern california, listening to people rave about your new products 🙂

from the everything-you-know-is-wrong dept: health benefits of moderate coffee, salt and full fat dairy consumption.

on the heels of research showing no evidence of benefit and some evidence of potential harm to sharply reducing salt intake, the new york times rounds up the latest research indicating numerous health benefits associated with moderate coffee consumption including reduction in the risk of developing Type 2 diabetes, basal cell carcinoma, prostate cancer, oral cancer and breast cancer recurrence and dementia. whatever will they discover next that everybody “knows” is wrong? maybe that full-fat dairy consumption lowers risk of cardiovascular death? oh wait, they did already.