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painted lady.

painted lady.

oh nothing, just painting a giant wall sized cow mural at our new work digs, as one does. and nooooo, i’m not painting the whole thing. all the employees have an opportunity to come paint as much or as little as they want. then artist valerie miller from steel cow goes over it and makes it look amazing.

you can follow along with the ov employees painting barbara on steel cow’s facebook page.

255/365. i made a painting today for the first time in never.

255/365. i made a painting today for the first time in never.

oh man, talk about getting out of your comfort zone. i participated in an canvas painting class with some work peeps today and this is the almost end result. why i would take a picture of an almost done painting and not a done done painting is beyond me. to finish, i touched up her eyebrows and added some petals to the flowers. today i learned that painting cow eyes IS HARD! also, yeah, she’s got a flat-top hair cut. WHATEVER!

even though there’s a bazillion things i’d do differently the next time, i’m o.k. with the results and had a lot of fun making it and hanging out with friends at work who, it turns out, are all accomplished artists.

i don’t know if i’ll get into painting as a hobby, but i was surprised at how much i enjoyed it. many thanks to the folks at “all glazed up” for hosting us.

also, hopefully they’ll forgive me for being a bull in a china shop and knocking over the instructors painting stand with a cup of dirty paintbrush water. d’oh!

and yes, when you work for organic valley the rulebook clearly states if you paint for the first time, you must paint a cow.



90% of the wood in our 100 year old house has been painted over the years. for whatever reason the dining room was left untouched. we’ve contemplated stripping and refinishing all the trim in the house to make it brighter but it’s just too daunting of a task.

it feels so wrong to paint over the 100 year old wood, but it must be done.

The Compleat De-Pinkification.

The Compleat De-Pinkification. I.


now, if only someone would buy and fix up the dilapidated victorian next door that you can see through the window which is in foreclosure.

yes, the windows still need some work. BUT STILL!

The Compleat De-Pinkification. II.

look at that – NO HOLE!

and i think you have to look pretty darned close to detect the patch.

so, so, so happy to be done with the this project.