so long, old bank building!

so long, old bank building!

almost three years ago we had a fire at organic valley headquarters and almost two and a half years ago to help make space while they rebuilt the burned portion of the building, the marketing department ( including me ) moved to a an old bank building in a town where if you look closely you might detect a hint of the local scandinavian heritage.

after work was done at hq there was still no room ( we’re always GROOOOOOWING! ) so we stayed in the old bank while work was being done on new work digs WHICH ARE NOW DOOOOOOONE!

which means after 3 years of all of us feeling like we’re in a temporary situation that’s not so temporary, we’re all finally moving into a nice, new building with all kinds of nice, new amenities and i really couldn’t be happier.

i had to stand in the middle of the street to get this shot and while trying to not get hit by traffic, i noticed someone waving wildly as they drove by – a local organic valley farmer looking amused to catch me taking a picture knowing i was capturing our last day in the building 🙂

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