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327/365. sweet tweets!

327/365. sweet tweets!

i almooooost picked this up at the gladstone but i choked. i can think of maaaaaany people deserving of such a fine gift. throw a gingerbread twitter logo and a properly formatted tweet and you’ve got something way better than one of those dumb cuneiforms.

if it’s still there after thanksgiving, i think i’m going to have to get it.

249/365. the upper peninsula vacation rulebook is very clear on trenary toast.

249/365. the upper peninsula vacation rulebook is very clear on trenary toast.

if you visit the upper peninsula, you have to leave with a bag or two of trenary toast which is sort-of like a cross between cinnamon toast and a crisp bread like biscotti. in keeping with areas Finnish heritage, the bread is inspired by the finnish crisp korppu breads.

they’ve been making the bread at the bakery since the 1930s so they pretty much got it perfected by now and they don’t seem like the types to tinker with a good thing. when asked by a detroit free press reporter, what’s with the boring bag?”, the owner replied, “it’s always been that way.”

you could always make your own, but it probably wouldn’t be the same.

day 4083 – 248/365. (manual) labor day.

day 4083 - 248/365. (manual) labor day.

odin contemplates the american labor movement’s impact on child labor while helping grandpa salmi clean out a trailer on labor day.

while i am making light of the irony of him doing work on labor day, we did visit the flint sit-down strike memorial earlier in the summer and never got around to posting it. i think he might have had some distant relatives who were involved in the seminal event in labor history.