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day 4495: “summer ice” is (finally) ending.

day 4495:  “summer ice” is (finally) ending.

which means we’re done with the once and twice a week 35 mile trips we’ve been making all summer so odin can keep skating over the summer as our arena doesn’t have year round ice.

hometown ice is almost done which means the regular hockey season is about to begin! and with the start of the season comes longer trips to arenas all over wisconsin O_o

day 4430: blueberry festival cooking contest winners!

day 4430:  blueberry festival cooking contest winners!


just crazy town that odin has now taken the first place pie award three times and evie won with a recipe none of us had ever made before! huge congrats to haley for winning judges choice award!

i suppose at some point i’ll have to publish the recipes 🙂

day 4429: odin and evelyn’s island.

day 4429:  odin and evelyn's island.

it’s about a half mile paddle to this island from camp. It’s interesting from a geological perspective because while it’s a small for an island, it’s still a giant hunk of granite with a small layer of dirt and it’s the only formation of its on the lake. Where did it come from? In any case, I’ve never been on the island, have never seen anyone in it and don’t think it has a name. It’s not on any maps of the lake. Odin and evelyn decided they wanted to make a landing. so they did!

i think it will hereby by known as odin and evelyn’s island.

we made first landing yesterday and we all got out of the kayaks and collected some rocks. When we left a loon let us know she was not very happy with us being in her territory. I don’t think she had a nest on the island but it must have been nearby.