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day 4429: odin and evelyn’s island.

day 4429:  odin and evelyn's island.

it’s about a half mile paddle to this island from camp. It’s interesting from a geological perspective because while it’s a small for an island, it’s still a giant hunk of granite with a small layer of dirt and it’s the only formation of its on the lake. Where did it come from? In any case, I’ve never been on the island, have never seen anyone in it and don’t think it has a name. It’s not on any maps of the lake. Odin and evelyn decided they wanted to make a landing. so they did!

i think it will hereby by known as odin and evelyn’s island.

we made first landing yesterday and we all got out of the kayaks and collected some rocks. When we left a loon let us know she was not very happy with us being in her territory. I don’t think she had a nest on the island but it must have been nearby.

surely a running rear view mirror must be a thing?

surely a running rear view mirror must be a thing?

on my morning run along route 1 between whiting and lubec and while it’s a beautiful run, route 1 is busy this time of year and cars are always passing at 60-70mph which freaks me out on 2 lane roads especially when coming from behind. there must be some sort of headband rear view mirror running doohickey that can allow you to easily see if someone is passing a car coming up behind you? ( later: there is! )

no, i don’t run on the centerline, i liked the perspective and It took 5 minutes of standing around to get a chance to take this with no cars coming in either direction 🙂

225/365. sunrise in the sunrise county.

225/365. sunrise in the sunrise county.

camp is on the eastern tip of washington county, maine which is sometimes called the sunrise county because it claims the west quoddy head, which is the easternmost point in the continental u.s.. so, theoretically the sunrise first hits the shores of the u.s. not far from camp.

and why am i up at sunrise? because we’re starting the 1,600 mile drive back to wisconsin! hope to make at least 1,100 miles today.