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quality kayaking with odin on father’s day at jersey valley!

quality kayaking with odin on father's day at jersey valley!

a beautiful day for kayaking at jersey valley (enjoying my birthday/father’s day gift)! later, off in the distance, near the far shore we’d discover a large flock of geese which looked like they wanted to attack ( maybe nests nearby? ). we kept our distance though odin offered to video if I went closer. he thought the video might go viral.

a father’s day power tool gift from odin!

a father's day power tool gift from odin!

odin gave me a mini circular saw because he saw an ad where it was featured making short work of stair treads. i can’t imagine what he has in mind!

( i need to make a circular staircase for the treehouse deck because we’ve learned over the years that many children and adults discover they have a latent fear of heights when climbing the 15 foot ladder to get to the treehouse deck. )

day 4005 – 170/365. father’s day: 2015 edition.

170/365. father’s day: 2015 edition.

tennis with odin ( CRUSHED HIM! ). “inside out” with odin ( awesome! ). aaand hockey practice with odin. all-in-all a spectacular father’s day. i did manage to squeeze in a 5 mile run too 🙂

at the end of the day as i was putting odin to bed i thought it’d be fun to attempt a rare selfie with him and i. frida heard him laughing at all the failed shots and decided to check out what all the commotion was about.

The Greatest Father’s Day Gift.

The Greatest Father's Day Gift.

odin handed me the father’s day gift he made with a big smile after breakfast.

hmmmm. a jar simply labelled “dad 2013” with twenty or so slips of paper inside. what could it be?

each slip of paper had a statement of something he loves about me.

“i love that you make me laugh.”

“i love that we go on long bike rides.”

“i love that you read to me.”

“i love that we make stuff together.”

“i love that your [sic] building me a treehouse.”

and on and on. i started to get a little teary reading them all. such a fabulously thoughtful and wonderful gift from a fabulously thoughtful and wonderful boy.

i will cherish it always.

the perfect father’s day gift for a maker summer.

the perfect father's day gift for a maker summer. I.

odin ( and his mother ) sure do know what to get me for the perfect father’s day gift. a subscription to make magazine! i think they’ve found the perfect perennial gift, all they have to do is keep renewing the subsciption every year 🙂

the perfect father's day gift for a maker summer. II.

and they algo gave me a copy of the School’s Out! Best Summer Ever Special Issue which, cleverly, comes with an article on building a zip line which could in handy for getting to The World’s Most Awesome Treehouse(s) from the second floor of our house.

definitely lots of fun projects ahead. i’m sure we’ll share some of our favorites. oh, and happy father’s day!