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quality kayaking with odin on father’s day at jersey valley!

quality kayaking with odin on father's day at jersey valley!

a beautiful day for kayaking at jersey valley (enjoying my birthday/father’s day gift)! later, off in the distance, near the far shore we’d discover a large flock of geese which looked like they wanted to attack ( maybe nests nearby? ). we kept our distance though odin offered to video if I went closer. he thought the video might go viral.

goodnight moon.

goodnight moon.

good day of kayaking at camp with odin and evelyn. they were so tired when we asked if they wanted to watch a movie before bed they both say, “maybe tomorrow. we’re tired and going to bed early.” and then proceeded to hatch a plan for getting up to take a picture of the sunrise which comes mighty early in these parts.

the lake is beautiful on the nearly full moon. you’ll have to imagine the haunting and beautiful loon calls.