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wherein we harvest a small mountain of garlic.

wherein we harvest a small mountain of garlic.

finally garlic harvest day arrived for our first crop of garlic at our organic valley employee garden!

250 head of garlic makes for a nice sized crop. even after factoring what we’ll use for seed for next years crop and our own personal consumption, we should some left over to pawn off to unsuspecting victims.

after drying for a few weeks we can move from experimenting with scape recipes to finding new and interesting things to do with our small mountain of garlic.

The Girls love the strawberry patch.

turns out, The Girls, love, love, love the strawberry patch. it’s pretty darned cute to watch them race – and i do mean race – over to the patch when we let them roam free in the yard.

unfortunately they’re going to be pretty bummed when we mow over the strawberries this weekend.

it’s hard to believe the harvest is done and it’s already time to prep for next year.

on the topic of water-logged garlic at organic valley hq.

on the topic of water-logged garlic at organic valley hq

the 250 head of garlic at organic valley hq seems to be doing ok with all the rain we’ve been getting but it’s certainly water-logged and i suppose all the mulch that’s keeping the weeds under control isn’t helping to dry things out.

this is our first year with garlic – is it going to get all moldy or otherwise susceptible to disease? anything i could do if that is the case?

by the way, if you go out to the garden and you see 18 mounds of straw that look like 2 foot high haystacks, i planted potatoes above the ground and mounded over with straw. we’re trying the Laziest Potato Growing Method Ever technique this year.

whatever you do, don’t tell theresa marquez.

whatever you do, don't tell theresa marquez.

i went out to organic valley hq to tend to our employee garden and i noticed the plot maintained by theresa marquez, cropp/organic valley’s chief marketing executive, was just bursting with peas.

so, i might have helped myself to a couple hundred.

just kidding, she said they were there for the taking and i was all too happy to take her up on the offer.

she has an astounding garden, and while picking peas i wondered how many chief marketing executives take the time to tend to an employee garden.

my guess is that the answer is none.