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Behold The Strawberry Pyramid!

Behold The Strawberry Pyramid!

the home garden is coming along. i decided to build kris a “strawberry pyramid” for mother’s day. it’s built out of three tiers of squares built from 1×6 boards. the bottom layer is 6’x6′, middle is 4’x4′ and the top is 2’x2′.

sixteen wheelbarrow loads of soil and compost later and it’s ready for planting!

blueberries are in the upper right, with a rhubarb plant between the blueberries and strawberries. there’s a new apple tree behind the strawberries and raspberries in the back of the photo.

i’m not sure what the plan is for the two beds between the strawberries and raspberries but i’m sure the plan will be revealed to me soon 🙂

recipe: swedish pancakes ( for mother’s day or any day ).

recipe: swedish pancakes ( for mother's day or any day ).

odin made his mother a nice card for mother’s day and he also knows that one of her very favorite things to have for breakfast is swedish pancakes ( sometimes known as nordic pancakes ) which are more like crepes than your traditional north american pancake.

odin created a handy mnemonic device to remember the recipe. 321 EMF! that’s 3 eggs, 2 cups of milk and 1 cup of flour. mix together and add a pinch of sugar and salt and you’re ready to go.

pour a thin layer of batter on a preheated skillet and cook for a few minutes ( until flippable ), turn and cook for a few more until golden brown. roll-up each pancake and serve with fruit and maple syrup.

super easy and super delicious!

the strawberries are coming!

the strawberries are coming!

finally the strawberries are ready for the pickin’! we got about a gallon of them today and there are many, many more on the way. they are noticeably less bugs and slugs in the garden this year which i assume is a side benefit of The Girls pecking and scratching around the garden.

i think there are few things more enjoyable than fresh berries from the garden.

we’ll freeze most of them, but i think there is a strawberry pie or two in our future. and maybe some homemade strawberrry ice cream. and perhaps some jam.