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the results from beta testing the roofbag.

the results from beta testing the roofbag.

the beta test of the roof bag is a resounding success. we did learn that you want to fill up the bag as much as you can to get the straps to proper tightness and to avoid the sound of the bag deforming in the breeze. if you don’t have it completely full then we found it’s best to have space all filled up in the front of the bag, again to avoid excess bag flapping noise. some people said they had problems with strap noise with other soft carriers, but we’re old hats at straps from hauling canoes around and know there’s a bit of an art to getting them juuuuuuuuust tight enough to not flap but not so tight that the wind makes them “whine”. so no strap noise for us.

works for us! very affordable ( i think we got it for $60 on sale), easy to put on and take off, provides lots of extra storage for trips which gives us enough room to put the two dogs comfortably in the back ( which they loved! ). and there was even room of the roof to strap on a christmas tree for the ride home! the christmas tree is only being help on by “friction” of straps from the roofbag, so hopefully it stays put for the 6 hour drive!

about the only downside that i i can think of, is it doesn’t present much of an obstacle to theft so on multiday trips or while taking extended time away from the car during a trip, i’m not sure how comfortable i would be having our possessions a knife slit way from being stolen. but that’s not our most common “use case” which is simply taking long day trips from point A to point B which as few stops as we can manage 🙂

326/365. beta testing the roofbag.

326/365. beta testing the roofbag.

on longer trips, especially since we take frida mostly everywhere with us, we’re often wanting more space in the car. on a trip to maine we saw a car with one of these roofbags and it looked like it might do the trick; affordable, waterproof, easy to put on and take off, and made in the USA.

we’re dog sitting for an extended period of time so on this trip to the upper peninsula of michigan it made even more sense to try out the roof bag so we could have both of the dogs in the space where the luggage would normally go.

so far, so good, although the dogs are a little confused 😃

will our luggage be scattered all over US 2? who knows!

263/365. life as a jetta TDI owner after dieselgate.

263/365. life as a jetta TDI owner after dieselgate. I.

i’ve been happily driving jetta diesels for 15 years. i have a lot of words i could say after dieselgate but maybe the most pertinent are “never buying another volkswagen” ( insert epic rant here that i don’t have time to write ).

perhaps the only solace i can personally take is that we’ve only been driving a polluter for about a year and the diesels we drove previously appears to have not skirted the emissions laws.

i hope the EPA fines them the reported maximum, $18 billion and we use the money to invest in pedestrian infrastructure ( probably not going to happen, but hey we can dream a little dream, right? ).

i was leaving work and found this tucked under the windshield. i’m pretty sure it was meant as a lighthearted joke but the reality of the environmental impact of dieselgate is no laughing matter.

263/365. life as a jetta TDI owner after dieselgate. II.

as i hopped into the car, i got a text message from a friend in michigan. sigh. i had conversations with several current owners of TDIs that aren’t buying another one no matter what the company does and several people who didn’t own one but were considering buying and are now not going to. i think the long term implications for diesels in the US in general and vw in particular will be devastating. apple couldn’t have asked for better timing of a scandal as they accelerate their efforts to build an electric car as current TDI owners like myself, er, ride out their payment plans.

112/365. because Frida is an Unabashed and Unrepentant Garden Thief.

112/365. because Frida is an Unabashed and Unrepentant Garden Thief.

we basically didn’t get much of anything out of the garden last year because of her – certainly not any tomatoes. so, now i’m putting fencing around the garden which is why i have 8 eight foot fence posts ( would later realize i need 9 ) and 100 feet of fencing in the jetta wagon. i didn’t think it would fit, but it did! the posts ran to within a few inches of the dashboard which didn’t feel like the greatest idea if i had to make any quick stops.