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the not so unbearable lightness of The Plant Beings.

fascinating new research ( via an over-the-top report by the bbc, scientific american gives a more balanced treatment ) shows that while plants don’t have memory or thoughts or intelligence as we know it, they’re still pretty smart and have evolved to use light to encode “memories” to help fight against pathogens:

“[So the plant] has a specific memory for the light which builds its immunity against pathogens, and it can adjust to varying light conditions.”

“Plants perform a sort of biological light computation, using information contained in the light to immunise themselves against diseases”

and who knows just what else it might encode?

seeking advice on preventing peach leaf curl.

last year our peach tree developed a fungal disease known as leaf curl which causes the leaves to become discolored and eventually the characteristically curled in a gnarly manner. infected leaves fall early and typically fruit will drop early too which means no harvest for the year.

my understanding is that treatment involves spraying an organic copper fungicide known as bordeaux mixture on the branches in late fall or early spring before buds swell. early this spring, hoping to avoid mixing my own batch ofbordeaux mixture, i applied “bordeaux modern replacement” from bonide.

but alas, it appears that leaf curl has once again infected the tree.

any advice on how to prevent leaf curl is mightily appreciated.