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day 3465: odin carves his initials in the table before eating one of america’s best burgers at stella’s lounge.

day 3465: odin carves his initials in the table before eating one of america's best burgers at stella's lounge.

if you’re at stella’s lounge in grand rapids, michigan see if you can find odin’s initials on one of the tables. GQ magazine rated their fare as “Best Burger in America”.

i had the “mr fables” with green olives, blue cheese & swiss cheese, and while it was very, very, good ( and i recommend you go have one if you have the chance ) i have to admit the burger i had at the burger joint in new york city ( thanks to a hot tip from jason kottke ) might have been a better burger.

maybe i need to do arrange side-by-side comparison.

The Greatest Burger, EVAR!

The Greatest Burger, EVAR!

to celebrate losing 90 pounds by the new year, i whipped up a 100% grass-fed, organic, bacon, blue cheese, olive burger with caramelized onions and onion rings.

losing 90 pounds involved lots of running and careful consideration of what i’ve been eating for the past year. and while i’d be lying if i said i haven’t had a burger in a year, this was the best one in a long time.

i will also admit that, because it was so rich, i could only eat half of it 🙂

and since i now can roughly estimate the number of calories in pretty much everything i eat i’m obligated to mention that one of The Greatest Burgers, EVAR will set you back about 800 calories.

everything in moderation, except moderation!