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jack, a blind miniature pinscher, listening to me making bacon.

Amongst Fellow Dog People there was also jack, who was born blind. he can be a little skittish, especially around men. it took a little bit, but we now get along famously and i think he likes me even when i’m not making bacon ( of course, to make bacon grease for bacon popcorn ).

bacon popcorn and the baader-meinhof phenomenon.

i start making bacon popcorn and now just a few days later i find myself in a restaurant WITH IT ON THE MENU. WHAT DOES IT MEAN?! i know it’s just an example of the baader-meinhof phenomenon, but still, i’m pretty sure i’ve never seen it on a menu before.

recipe: bacon popcorn with pasture butter and cheddar cheese.

how do you make bacon popcorn with pasture butter even better? with cheddar! it’s awesome. i have to admit this powdered cheddar cheese is not organic. i couldn’t find any organic powder when i was out and about so i compromised with non-organic. you can be certain i’ll be ordering a pound of the fronteir […]

recipe: bacon popcorn with pasture butter.

i saw a passing reference on twitter to bacon popcorn and i wondered how on earth i could get to my age and have never of heard of or tried two of my favorite things together. Ms6 has confiscated the bowl of bacon-fat popcorn because "Dad stop eating a handful at a time!!!" — John […]

recipe: bacon, blue cheese and jalapeno breakfast tortillas.

how do you make bacon and blue cheese breakfast tortillas even more awesome? with fresh jalapenos from the the cosmos organicos garden collective! obviously any jalapenos will do, but fresh is best top with a little sriracha sauce and you’ve got yourself a fiery flavor extravaganza!

recipe: bacon and blue cheese breakfast tortillas.

so i’m standing, staring at the fridge wondering what i can whip together and a plan slowly comes together. a wonderfully tasty plan. a plan so wonderfully tasty that i can’t believe it had never occurred to me before – BACON AND BLUE CHEESE BREAKFAST TORTILLAS! i scrambled some fresh eggs from The Girls and […]

The Greatest Burger, EVAR!

to celebrate losing 90 pounds by the new year, i whipped up a 100% grass-fed, organic, bacon, blue cheese, olive burger with caramelized onions and onion rings. losing 90 pounds involved lots of running and careful consideration of what i’ve been eating for the past year. and while i’d be lying if i said i […]

recipe: bacon wrapped eggs with cheese.

as soon as i saw this video for bacon wrapped eggs i knew i had to try it. i mean, how possibly could you go wrong with bacon, eggs and cheese? and it’s really simple, as it doesn’t really take much longer to make than regular ol’ bacon and eggs. first, you brown some bacon […]