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day 3486: The Hockey Life.

after playing offense and scoring a goal, odin is back on defense while playing against la crosse who they’ve beat once and lost once in overtime. “maintain your self control.” easier said than done! as one does as a hockey parent, i sat in the opponent’s penalty box. it offers a great view of the […]


i was next door to the the just burgers & more in escanaba, michigan and wondered about their name. i can understand that maybe over time being “just burgers” wasn’t enough and they needed to provide more variety and wanted to change their name, but doesn’t “more than just burgers” make more sense? in the […]

never underestimate the power of a stupid sign.

this sign was visible in the vintage sign bin at our local hardware store and it quickly caught my eye, with the gun and the crazed/fearful? folks. i suppose i was thinking about tragic sandy hook elementary school shooting when i stopped and took a long look. try as i might i couldn’t figure out […]

we haven’t got any breeeaaaad!

some folks from organic valley went to the east coast after hurricane sandy and took a bunch of cheese and all the bread from the cafe on their way out town to make hundreds of grilled cheese sandwiches. of course, temporarily not having any bread was a very small sacrifice ( and all the more […]

sign of the times.

i’ll admit that i’m a bit confused by the sign. does it mean you donate just the deer hide for the food pantry? or the whole deer? i assume they mean the whole deer, but why specify the hide?

previous reefer experience required

ok, i know reefer can mean refrigerator truck, but i’m pretty sure the most folks probably think of the urban dictionary definitions first and probably aren’t aware of the refrigeration reference ( wouldn’t it make more sense to spell it refir? ). i wonder how many applicants try not to break out laughing when asked […]

pot smoking diesel drivers rejoice! or not.

let’s be clear, i’m not talking about me, but i chuckle at the thought of potheads around the nation attaching cosmic significance to the fact that diesel has risen to $4.20 per gallon. i’m just thankful to be getting 50 mpg in our TDI. 420 bonus points will be awarded to the first person to […]

exploring compositional interestingness in the locker room

so, there’s a big sign entering the locker room that forbids entering with camera phones, but it doesn’t say anything about SLRs. one presumes the ban on camera phones ( a silly ban which presumably is violated every day ) has to do with their smallness and the fear that folks might not know their […]

only in wisconsin: amish candy cheese curds.

the entrepreneurial amish are branching out into candy cheese curds? oh, and diesel is $3.99 a gallon!

your habits are a reflection of you!

hmmm, i think they’re trying to tell me something.

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