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blueberry fields forever.

blueberry fields forever.

seen on my morning run along route 1 between whiting and lubec. i sort-of expected to see a black bear trundling through the field.

blueberry crop is big business for washington county and i think still one of the largest blueberry exporting counties in the country.

this is one of those times when part of me doesn’t want to stop what i’m doing and i almost ran past then photographer brain takes over and makes hike into the field and in the end i’m glad it did 🙂

recipe: swedish pancakes ( for mother’s day or any day ).

recipe: swedish pancakes ( for mother's day or any day ).

odin made his mother a nice card for mother’s day and he also knows that one of her very favorite things to have for breakfast is swedish pancakes ( sometimes known as nordic pancakes ) which are more like crepes than your traditional north american pancake.

odin created a handy mnemonic device to remember the recipe. 321 EMF! that’s 3 eggs, 2 cups of milk and 1 cup of flour. mix together and add a pinch of sugar and salt and you’re ready to go.

pour a thin layer of batter on a preheated skillet and cook for a few minutes ( until flippable ), turn and cook for a few more until golden brown. roll-up each pancake and serve with fruit and maple syrup.

super easy and super delicious!