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307/365. the new, local library and architectural relativism.

307/365. the new, local library and architectural relativism.

one the one hand taken on its own, the new, local library is an example of the conservative modernism movement with its focus on functionality ( lots of windows to let light in and out ) and rectilinear forms ( straight lines and angular corners ). on the other hand, sitting just off the historic downtown district it looks like a hypermodernist spaceship from the future.

The New York Public Library publishes list of 100 Great Children’s Books

the new york public library published it’s first ever 100 Great Children’s Books ( they are, of course careful to refrain from calling the a “top 100” list ). it’s a superb list and we’ve read many of them with odin but it’s tough to take a children’s book list seriously that doesn’t contain “the wind in the willows”?! i bet odin would have fun writing down his top 20 or 30.

i’m always happy to hear what books you all like that are appropriate for a 9 year old. right now odin is tearing through percy jackson series. it’s not pulitzer prize winning fiction, but he loves it and that’s all that really matters 🙂

update: i received many excellent suggestions we’ve read quite a few but several we haven’t including, “Guardians of Ga’Hoole”, “The Famous Five” series, “The Prince and the Pauper”, “The Cricket in Times Square”, “The Cat Who Wished to Be a Man”, “the mouse with the question mark tail”, “george’s secret key to the universe”, and the “myth-o-mania” series.