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why did the chicken go to the local library?

to teach kids about chickens!

odin’s note to santa.

four years ago santa visited odin in the sauna and every year since then, when we’re in town for the holidays, we have a christmas eve sauna because, well, you never know maybe he’ll visit again. this year we were in town but didn’t get a chance to light the sauna which bummed out odin […]

a message of (un)conditional love from odin.

odin loves to leave us notes using bananagrams letters. not sure how i feel about the fact that you could read this as meaning his love is conditional on us making him food

a note and silver sleigh bell from santa!

apparently, santa loved the eggnog cupcake he left odin a note and a silver sleigh bell that looks and sounds like it could be right out of the polar express! santa said he was running a little late and missed our sauna, but that’s alright, since we understand he’s quite busy on christmas eve and […]