my first attempt at creating a refreshing chocolate soda actually creates an exploding chocolate volcano.

as usual, after a 10 mile run of course i have some organic valley chocolate milk on hand for my refueling needs.

only this time, i think, hey, how about making a nice, refreshing chocolate soda with my sodastream. the folks at sodastream even have a recipe, but that recipe involves mixing carbonated water with chocolate milk and i thought, “why water it down? why not just fill it up all the way and carbonate it!”

turns out, the reason you don’t do that is it creates a spectacular exploding chocolate volcano!

you can briefly see me carbonating the chocolate milk in this clip but i attempted to to shoot the video just as it reached full pressure and chocolate foam started comign out of the top of the container. i dropped the phone, loosened the bottle, and boom! chocolate milk everywhere.

the aftermath does no justice to how far and wide the chocolate milk went.

try and try again….

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