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the perfect father’s day gift for a maker summer.

the perfect father's day gift for a maker summer. I.

odin ( and his mother ) sure do know what to get me for the perfect father’s day gift. a subscription to make magazine! i think they’ve found the perfect perennial gift, all they have to do is keep renewing the subsciption every year 🙂

the perfect father's day gift for a maker summer. II.

and they algo gave me a copy of the School’s Out! Best Summer Ever Special Issue which, cleverly, comes with an article on building a zip line which could in handy for getting to The World’s Most Awesome Treehouse(s) from the second floor of our house.

definitely lots of fun projects ahead. i’m sure we’ll share some of our favorites. oh, and happy father’s day!

day 2516: a shell for Miss Shannon.

day 2516: a shell for Miss Shannon.

it’s hard to believe that odin is approaching the end of The Kindergarten Years at school. he’s already super excited to start first grade but he’s also a little sad to be saying goodbye to his kindergarten teacher so he decided to give her a special little gift – a shell from the shores of maine that we collected on our vacation while possibly in search of jasper.

he quietly gave it to her after we walked to school and they exchanged a glance that made me quite sure she really appreciated the thoughtfulness of his sweet gesture.

on giving the gift of a shake weight.

on giving the gift of a shake weight.

a long time co-worker was leaving the regular day job to pursue Big Dreams recently and i decided to give him a shake weight as a parting gift because for almost two years we’ve been having an on going humorous “debate” about whether or not anyone actually buys a shake weight for working out or if the sales are entirely due to spontaneous gag gift purchases. actually, it hasn’t really been a debate since we were both were pretty much convinced that everyone who purchased them was doing if for laughs. or, at the very least, the folks involved in producing the shake weight for men and shake weight for women videos were “in” on the joke.

i mean, c’mon, it’s obvious, right? at least obvious enough that the shake weight wikipedia entry comments on the “…perceived sexually suggestive nature of the product…” in the second sentence, saturday night live wasted no time producing a satire of the commercials which left little to the imagination, the daily show has mentioned the product enough to warrant tagging video clips with “shake weight” and a los angeles morning show aired an incredible live “news” telecast on the product that you’d be forgiven for thinking was an developed by the onion.

but my confidence in my assessment that it was pure satire was, er, shaken when i saw the product in walmart with a television playing a continuous loop of the product promos. could some people are actually buying these for the “workout” or had the satire reached such epic proportions that even walmart wanted in on the action?

so, odin and i went to walmart and picked up a shake weight and a muscle mag ( to be ripped apart and used for wrapping paper ) as a humorous parting gift. after odin walked up and laid the items on the check-out counter, the Very Nice Cashier asked him in a not-joking tone if he wanted to look just like the man on the cover of the magazine. i told her, no, that it was for a friend and she proceeded without a hint of sarcasm to tell us about how she bought one for her mother to exercise with but that she didn’t use it very much and that mostly her little sister now runs around the house playing with it. shortly thereafter the gift was unwrapped to guffaws as folks took turns, um, working out.

in the end i guess the jokes on all of us. as of, august 2010 a reported two million Shake Weight units had been sold for a total of $40 million in sales.

more Odin The Merry Maker Originals

after making The Cape, odin continued his Merry Making ways today by creating several jeans pocket bags perfect for carrying a pencil, a pad of paper and a magnifying glass so his friends could, “walk around outside and write down observations.”

i like added touch of the fish sailing over the ocean of buttons on one bag ( carrying strap yet to be added ).

he also made a few fashionable wrist bands out of shrunken wool from sweaters that no longer fit.

i missed the maker action but when i got home he was super excited to tell me of his Adventures With The Hot Glue Gun!