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327/365. sweet tweets!

327/365. sweet tweets!

i almooooost picked this up at the gladstone but i choked. i can think of maaaaaany people deserving of such a fine gift. throw a gingerbread twitter logo and a properly formatted tweet and you’ve got something way better than one of those dumb cuneiforms.

if it’s still there after thanksgiving, i think i’m going to have to get it.

if you follow @henryrollins you might also want to follow…

if you follow @henryrollins you might also want to follow...

i thought i had been following henry rollins on twitter for some time now, but alas i was clued in with this tweet by mike watt that the now suspended nothenryrollins that i was already following wasn’t actually the amusing reverse-take on fake identities that i assumed it was.

after following henry’s really, real, verified, official account i was amused to see that twitter’s suggested follows seem to validate my parent’s worst fears about him.

twitter juxtaposition: @ebertchicago & @davewiner & differing perspectives on amazon prime video.

roger ebert thinks you’re paying for the streaming with amazon prime and getting the two day shipping for free. dave winer thinks you’re getting the streaming for free and paying for the shipping.

they’re both right, of course, but it’s an amusing example of different perspectives on the same announcement and is perhaps telling of the relative value each places on streaming and shipping.

see also the razor and blades business model.