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recipe: bacon-wrapped jalapeno-stuffed hotdogs.

recipe: bacon-wrapped jalapeno-stuffed hotdogs. I.

bacon and jalapenos make for a simple and tasty way to spruce up a hotdog ( we love organic prairie’s 100% grass-fed organic hotdogs ).

simply cut a line down the length of the hotdog deep enough to fit several slices of jalapeno. precook some bacon so it’s tender enough to wrap around the hotdog. then secure the bacon with some toothpicks. cook on medium heat on a grill until the hotdog is hot and the bacon is crisp.

recipe: bacon-wrapped jalapeno-stuffed hotdogs. II.

top with sweet pickle relish and mustard.

served with homemade fries spritzed with apple cider vinegar for a Delicious Flavor Bonanza ®

and the 2011 grilling seasons begins! humbly.

and the 2011 grilling seasons begins! humbly.

an unseasonably warm streak in the 50’s means and we’re kicking off the grilling season with, er, style! or, at least hotdogs!

we picked up a grill late last summer after years of not having one ( abridged version of that story: i was going to build The Most Awesome Charcoal/Gas Combo Grill EVAR! with a load of bricks i scored something like 4 years ago. the bricks are still stacked in our backyard, heckling me. ) and i think this might be the earliest we’ve kicked off the grilling in decades.

i sense a whole lotta grillin’ going on this year.