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a homemade gift is the bestest gift.

i love, love, love the fact that many of odin’s friends give him homemade gifts like this ornament of a bird in a shell which sits perfectly in a tree branch with bird’s nest in our “maker room”.

day 2766: k’nex. the end of The Age of Legos?

odin got a k’nex rollercoaster kit for christmas and we finally got around to putting it together . the kit has hundreds of interconnecting plastic rods and connectors and it was pretty intimidating to get started but odin made short work of it after getting the hang of how to read the instructions. a few […]

day 2765: scenes from the mighty mite hockey jamboree.

in our continuing adventures as hockey parents, we spend many of our weekends at hockey games. this time it was the “mighty mite hockey jamboree” at Winter Rec-Fest in la crosse, wisconsin. in the tournament, “mite” players from around the region get together and play each other in quick games, 20 minutes each, 3 games […]

on the topic of inanimate objects speaking in the first person.

isn’t it just a little bit weird for the ketchup bottle on your restaurant table to speak to you in the first person?

day 2764: playing flute at school assembly.

odin’s school has a regular “all grade” assembly where the first through eighth classes perform a variety of artistic endeavors in front of the whole school and assembled parents. this week, odin’s class played an orchestrated flute song. in addition to the general awesomeness of seeing him play orchestrated music, it struck what an ingenious […]

day 2759: winter fun in wisconsin.

odin has been cross country skiing for years and for years he’s been patiently waiting for us to get skis of our own. this year, he even wanted to visit santa to plea for him to bring us skis! he delivered the skis, but didn’t bring any snow so it’s taken us awhile to get […]

the case of the mysterious beams of light.

last night, around 11:30pm, kris and i were getting ready for bed and she looked out a west window and said, “wow, what in the world is that?” we watched as about 20 beams of light formed slowly along intersection of the street running north and south near our house ( the rusk and court […]

day 2758: odin got a haircut. I think. not sure which one actually got cut.

playing with legos post haircut while waiting for mama.

Narcissus papyraceus.

Narcissus papyraceus forced blooms. fragrant! and such a nice treat in the middle of january.

day 2751: an away hockey game. or You Win Some and You Lose Some.

today, odin had an away game in winona, minnesota which we knew it would be a tough game since those minnesotans take their hockey very seriously, even with the younger kids! in past games odin has seemed to enjoy playing the defenceman position but this game he played center for much of the game which […]

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