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a homemade gift is the bestest gift.

i love, love, love the fact that many of odin’s friends give him homemade gifts like this ornament of a bird in a shell which sits perfectly in a tree branch with bird’s nest in our “maker room”.

be vewy vewy quiet. i’m hunting a wooster pheasant.

it’s not everyday that you see a rooster pheasant in town, so when a friend stopped to tell us there was one running around the neighborhood, odin and i had to go the hunt. we learned they move a lot faster than you might think and you literally only get one shot before they make […]

on the survival of the fittest fledgling.

while we’ve always had blue jays living in the trees around our house, for whatever reason this is the first year we’ve seen multiple fledglings hopping around the yard, readying themselves for flight, but still quite dependent on their mothers for feeding. my understanding is that if you see a fledgling on the ground with […]