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odin wuz here.

odin wuz here.

a mouse randomly moves around the house to this spot and that spot. next to the coffee pot, or the water filter, or the radio, or the tooth paste tube. it’s been happening for longer than i can remember. i think it’s odin’s funny way of reminding us he was there and thinking of us discovering the mouse in the house.

day 2766: k’nex. the end of The Age of Legos?

day 2766: k'nex. the end of The Age of Legos? I.

odin got a k’nex rollercoaster kit for christmas and we finally got around to putting it together . the kit has hundreds of interconnecting plastic rods and connectors and it was pretty intimidating to get started but odin made short work of it after getting the hang of how to read the instructions.

a few hours later and it’s was all done, complete with a motorized conveyor for the rollercoaster cart and plenty of loops and turns.

day 2766: k'nex. the end of The Reign of Legos? II.

it certainly looked cool and it prompted me to wonder if i was witnessing the end of The Age of Legos which is pretty close to heresy in our house.

day 2766: k'nex. the end of The Age of Legos? III.

since i’m writing this post a month after building the coaster, i can tell you it definitely didn’t herald the end of legos. in fact, after a few hours of watching the coaster go round and round and round, odin abandoned it in favor of his beloved branded building blocks never to look back again.

i’m not sure why especially since odin claims to still like the toy even though he never plays with it. maybe because legos offer more open ended play?