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day 3350: first day of third grade!

i’m not sure odin could be more excited to go back to school! he had a great first day. a sure sign that he’s in a waldorf school – he’s most excited about being able to work in his class knitting projects at home this year instead of feeling rushed to get them in class. […]

tempted by the totally legit fire alarm test.

odin and i were moving stuff out of my temporary post-fire work digs at odin’s school and it really took everything in me to not follow the fire alarm test instructions to see what would happen. Odin and are moving my work stuff out of post fire squatting space at his school (@ Pleasant Ridge […]

on getting sent back to first grade.

after the fire at organic valley headquarters, we’re still figuring out where the displaced folks are going to end up for an extended period of time. for a short period of time some of us ended up in odin’s waldorf school, which also used to be a the public school so it has the “feel” […]

Pleasant Ridge Organic Hot Lunch

Plesant Ridge Organic Hot Lunch from Gracie Hallberg-Cain on Vimeo. an alum of odin’s school, the pleasant ridge waldorf school, made this video on their all-organic-made-from-scratch hot lunch program for her senior project at the sister school youth initiative high school. it’s a remarkable video that shows the power of teaching children well about the […]

it’s raffle drawing time!

and so it was finally time for the raffle drawing and, while we sure hoped somebody who bought a ticket for odin would win at least one of the prizes, turns out we didn’t sell any winning tickets. but remember, everyone who bought one is a winner for helping odin to get a new malamute […]

buy raffle tickets, enter to win great prizes and help odin get a new puppy!

update- 03.16.13: thanks to everyone who bought a ticket – we sold almost all of them this year! which means odin gets a puppy and you all helped support his wonderful school. thank you! we mailed everyone their ticket stubs this week, but you might not get them by the raffle drawing tonight depending on […]

day 3058: school assembly and stone soup!

friday school assembly is one of the many neat things about odin’s school. first thing in the morning, the kids all gather together in the gym and each grade take a turns performing a little play or song they’ve learned in front of the other grades and many parents who are able to attend. it’s […]

day 2979: a new haircut and glasses for school.

hanging out at the playground during unicycle lessons, i noticed odin’s new haircut ( he requested a “spikey” haircut and even wanted to try out gel?! ) and glasses that he picked out for school make him look all growed up! he’s getting to be such a big boy. i don’t have to try very […]

day 2979: first day of unicycle lessons!

right before we left for vacation we were walking by odin’s school playground and noticed a bunch of kids on unicycles. as it turns out, they’ve been having classes there every wednesday night over the summer and odin definitely thought it was something he’d really, really, really like to learn. and you know what? i’ve […]

day 2764: playing flute at school assembly.

odin’s school has a regular “all grade” assembly where the first through eighth classes perform a variety of artistic endeavors in front of the whole school and assembled parents. this week, odin’s class played an orchestrated flute song. in addition to the general awesomeness of seeing him play orchestrated music, it struck what an ingenious […]

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